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Sonic Colors Remastered is listed on the website of iksample, the franchise’s official dubbing company



Name, plot and details of new Sonic project for 2022 leaked

We get an interesting list related to Sonic Colors. The information comes from the website of the German dubbing company iksample and has revolutionized the Internet this afternoon.

According to what was shared, his page has listed a remastering for now not officially confirmed by Sonic Colors. It is believed that this could have been a mistake by the company that would have unveiled one of SEGA’s projects for the 30th anniversary of the hedgehog.

The truth is that Sonic Colors was never dubbed into German when it was released in 2010 for Wii and DS, so perhaps SEGA has hired this company for its supposed remaster. In fact, the company has already participated in German dubbing for past Sonic titles, such as Sonic Forces and Sonic Generations.

Here you can see the list:

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