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Outriders fixes exploit that gave players way too many legendary items



Outriders fixes exploit that gave players way too many legendary items

In the first days of Outriders, there was an exploit that gave players a huge amount of legendary items. It should now be repaired. The fix is ​​spicy because it’s about the quests and hunts. They are especially popular with players who like it quieter. Now it is no longer worth helping friends with the quests. The exploiters get away with it without any penalty.

This is the situation: There are “hunter” quests in Outriders. In these quests, players have to complete 10 steps, actually their own side quests:

  • A quest takes about an hour
  • Every step gives an armor epic
  • If you have completed all 10 steps, you are guaranteed to receive a legendary item.

These quests are popular with players who like to play without too much time pressure. Because in other activities of Outriders a timer is ticking down. This is simply too much stress for some.

The expeditions are much more efficient for farming items, but quests are popular.

Exploit gives 10 times as many legendary items as planned

That was the exploit: In the first week after the start of Outriders, it was apparently possible for exploiters to dust off their own legendary item for each of the 10 sub-steps of a quest.

As a result, players did not get 1 legendary item per hour – as planned, but 10 legendary items per hour

For the exploit, it was apparently necessary to take advantage of a specific multiplayer bug, as the developers of Outriders explain.

Patch changes loot on quests

This is now the fix: Outriders has now made it in a hotfix in such a way that players “no longer receive a Legendary” if they “continue to complete the quest”.

This means:

  • Whoever completes a quest for the first time still gets the guaranteed legendary item
  • But if you complete the quest for the second time, you will no longer receive the item

No consequences for exploiters

That’s the problem with the fix: The Outriders players are now complaining that after the fix there is no longer any motivation to help friends or other players complete a quest that you have already completed yourself.

It is also criticized that the players who took advantage of the exploit are not punished. This means that exploiters are very tempted to take advantage of the next bug.

In any case, some players seem to have packed their bags full of legendary items in the first few days and the exploiters now have a big lead over the other players.

Another big criticism of the patch right now is that it doesn’t buff the Devastator class. It is so weak at the moment that devastators are thrown out of groups:

Outriders: If you play the wrong class, you will be kicked out of the co-op

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