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Outriders: If you play the wrong class, you will be kicked out of the co-op



Outriders: If you play the wrong class, you will be kicked out of the co-op

In Outriders’ co-op mode, you could quickly get disfellowshipped if you play with the wrong class. This is what happens to many of the Devastator’s players at the moment.

This is the situation in the co-op of Outriders: In Outriders, you can experience the story together in a 3-player co-op. If you don’t have any friends who gamble yourself, you can team up with strange online players.

In the group with strangers, however, especially players of the “Devastator” class notice that they may have chosen the wrong class. Because the devastator is so unpopular that they are thrown from the lobby by other players.

We explain to you what makes the devastator so frowned upon by the other players.

Demolisher is just too weak – Will be sorted out in co-op

What’s the problem with the Demolisher? This class is the tank in Outriders. Above all, it is supposed to withstand a lot of damage, but in return, it does not cause quite as much damage itself. This is exactly what is a thorn in the side of many players.

The problem for the devastator is that you are rewarded for fast laps on expeditions in the endgame. The faster you complete an expedition, the better your chances of getting strong rewards. This is precisely why a Demolisher is somewhat superfluous. Outriders players want to win quickly and not particularly safely by betting on a tank.

If you compare the Devastator with other classes, then it stinks off quite a bit – at least in terms of damage output. However, there is a devastator build that turns you into a tank that still blows everything away. Most Demolitionists seem to have had such poor damage performance, however, that the class now has a bad reputation.

Players report about it: In general, the basic tenor is the same: The Demolisher is simply too bad compared to the other classes. Players on Reddit repeatedly report that they are thrown out of co-op rounds before the round even starts. Only because they play as devastators.

So it is said that the devastator in the endgame is severely disadvantaged because many rounds take place without this class.

Oh man I love playing devastator from r/outriders

A similar picture emerges in the comments on For example, Pat says: “I hope they’ll buff the devastator. He’s really at a disadvantage when it comes to the endgame. I can understand my colleague’s frustration. How can it be that the class, whose skill tree is based on shotguns and bleeding, and is designed for hand-to-hand combat in the midst of enemy hordes, does next to no damage in the endgame and is even thrown out when others see that there is a devastator has joined. “

What does that mean now for devastators? If you have decided in favor of the devastator, then there is little you can do at the moment. Especially in the endgame there are always exclusions. You can get around this by playing with friends who not only pay attention to the class but also to the person behind it.

Otherwise one can only hope that the devastator gets a buff so that it can compete with the other 3 classes and is no longer excluded.

At least the first major patch to Outriders didn’t bring a buff for the Devastator. In return, numerous other adjustments and even compensation for players:

Outriders brings first major patch, gifts you for server problems

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