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Outriders: How to use Hell’s Ranger weapons and armor correctly



Outriders: How to use Hell's Ranger weapons and armor correctly

Many players on Steam criticize the “Hell’s Ranger Content Pack” for the loot shooter Outriders. In the reviews, users complain that armor and weapons are not strong enough at the time of activation. Problems with finding the equipment also cause frustration. However, the items are useful if you invest a little time and resources.

The contents of the “Hell’s Ranger Content Pack”

Anyone who has pre-ordered Outriders will automatically receive the additional content for purchase. The pack consists of:

  • Hell’s Rangers equipment sets for male and female characters
  • Hell’s Rangers arsenal with eleven weapons
  • Hell’s Rangers truck mods and truck designs

The content will be unlocked as soon as you have reached level 10 with a character. You can find weapons and equipment sets in your storage box. If you open the storage box, you will see three tabs in the upper tab: “Storage”, “Backpack” and “Inbox”.

You can activate truck mods and designs at Jakub. Talk to them and change the design of your truck.

What weapons and equipment sets are included? Regardless of your level, the weapons and armor in the DLC are always at level 10 with the rarity “rare”. You get these weapons and armor with the DLC:


  • Earthborn Rebel MP – Weapon strength: 313
  • Earthborn Rebel Assault Rifle – weapon strength: 339
  • Earthborn Rebel LMG – Weapon Power: 328
  • Earthborn Rebel BAR – Weapon strength: 312
  • Earthborn Rebel DMR – Weapon Power: 329
  • Earthborn Rebel PAS – Weapon strength: 340
  • Earthborn Rebel Double Barrel Pistol – Weapon Power: 345
  • Earthborn Rebel Automatic Shotgun – 339 weapon strength
  • Earthborn Rebel ASR – Weapon strength: 345
  • Earthborn Rebel Pistols – Weapon Power: 274
  • Earthborn Rebel Revolver – 269 gauge


  • Mask of the Earthborn Apostate – Armor: 195
  • Earthborn Renegade Jacket – Armor: 195
  • Earthborn Apostate Pants – Armor: 195
  • Earthborn Renegade Gloves – Armor: 195
  • Earthborn Apostate Boots – Armor: 195

What is being criticized? At first glance, the weapons and armor are useless even for a level 10 player. This is the most criticized in the reviews on Steam for the DLC.

Steam user Nibor writes in his review:

“Put the problems of the game aside, you can still forget the DLC. The equipment is for level 10, but can be upgraded. The problem is that you can only change 1 mod of the equipment. So it makes 1000% more sensible to loot and use his equipment. “

In some reviews, users also complain that the content does not appear in the storage box despite pre-ordering or purchasing the DLC. After initial server failures with outriders, crossplay problems, deleted inventories, and a missing HUD, this causes additional frustration for the players.

How the content can be used: Weapons and armor can be purchased from Dr. Numbers that will be upgraded. In addition to leveling up, you can also improve the rarity of unusual and rare items. For the level up you need iron or leather, for the rarity titanium. If you improve the DLC weapons and armor from rare to epic, you unlock another mod. However, you need a lot of titanium for this. The easiest way to farm Titanium can be found in our guide:

What are the benefits of upgrading the DLC content?

During our test, we improved the LMG from the DLC from level 10 to 26. As a result, the following values ​​have changed:

  • Weapon strength: from 328 to 3062
  • Armament penetration: from 8 percent to 17 percent
  • Status power: from 15 percent to 18 percent
  • Maximum life: from 30 to 86
  • Healing received: from 0 percent to 10 percent

The Earthborn Apostate’s mask has been upgraded from level 10 to 26. The armament increased from 195 to 840.

Equipment in the DLC has interchangeable mod slots. By changing the mods, you can adapt the armor to the skills of your class. Since neither weapons nor the armor set can be scrapped, you have the choice of upgrading them or stowing them in the storage box for all eternity. If you invest a little time and resources, you can upgrade weapons and armor and get good gear.

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