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Outriders brings first major patch, gifts you for server problems



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The developers of Outriders have announced server maintenance for Thursday, April 8th, 2021. Along with the announcement, they also revealed that the first major patch is coming up. This should fix a number of errors and problems – including a particularly nasty bug that can delete all equipment.

What kind of update is that? The first major update for Outriders fixes a number of bugs that have been causing problems since the launch on April 1st. The most important points in the update are:

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • A gift to the community for patience
  • Recovery for players who lost their inventory to a nasty bug
  • Balancing (apparently, already live)
  • Improved connection and stability for co-op
  • Restoration of the crossplay

This is the first real update. Before that, there were minor hot fixes, but they only corrected specific problems.

When does the update appear? The developers say that the update will be installed “next week”, ie probably between April 12th and 16th. Apparently, the patch is coming for all platforms, but it is not yet clear whether it will be released at the same time.

Another server maintenance took place today, April 8th, between 6:30 pm and 6:45 pm. However, this has no direct connection with the major update.

Server maintenance and patch notes – that’s in the upcoming update

This is in the update: The upcoming first major patch brings a number of bug fixes. We have summarized the most important of them for you here:

  • Stuttering when using DirectX 11 and 12 should go away (PC)
  • Various crashes should no longer occur, for example in multiplayer, during the mission “A Bad Day” or at the start. Random crashes should also occur less frequently
  • The HUD should no longer spontaneously disappear
  • Crossplay will be available again when all platforms are the same version.

In addition, an error that leads to the loss of the equipment is eliminated or at least reduced. You can find the full patch notes in the developer’s post (via Steam and Reddit ).

What kind of mistake is that exactly? Until recently, there was a bug that could cause players to lose all of their inventory. This apparently mainly occurred when trying to join other players’ lobbies.

A crash then caused the entire inventory to disappear and the character to be naked. Even after fixing some issues with co-op, it was advisable to still play solo anyway.

The update is supposed to fix the problem and players who have lost their inventory will get a recovery of all lost items. The restoration is expected to take place in the coming weeks.

Balancing and nerfs for some classes

These are the balancing adjustments: In addition to the bug fixes, there should be new balancing. The repeatable collection quests (Hunter, Bounty, and Historian) will no longer reward you with legendary items if you complete them multiple times.

It will also make it harder to get the highest rank in some of the expeditions. Expeditions are the endgame content of Outriders, which many players complete repeatedly to farm loot.

There will also be adjustments to the classes. Many of the so-called “bullet builds” are nerfed, which rely on a skill that amplifies the shots. One of these builds is something like the technomancer plague orb build, which is considered a top tier

Which classes are affected? According to developers, assassins and technomancers, in particular, have been able to take advantage of the builds too much without really having to invest a lot. This should now be a little more balanced, but how strong the changes will remain to be seen.

The devs emphasize that the balancing is looked after by a separate team. The progress of the work on the patch is not affected by the balancing and does not influence the removal of bugs.

Developer apology package for messed up launch

You will receive this gift: The developers also apologize in the patch notes for the problems during the launch, especially for connection errors that often led to disconnects. For these problems there is a gift to all affected players:

  • a legendary weapon (according to the character level)
  • Titanium (amount according to character level)
  • the “frustration” emote that is currently not available in any other way

Every player who played between March 31st and April 11th or lost their inventory due to a crash will receive such a package. The rewards are awarded to the character with the highest level.

What’s next? In the coming weeks and patches, we will continue to work on the stability and connection for multiplayer. So you should be able to play properly with friends pretty soon.

Until then, you can also try out your new weapons from the sorry pack solo. If you don’t like the weapon you received, you can also get other Legendary guaranteed:

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