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5 settings that make Outriders better on the PC



5 settings that make Outriders better on the PC

Outriders offers all kinds of possibilities to improve the feel of the game according to your taste. On the PC you can set the graphics so that even weaker cards deliver a smooth game. Here you will find settings for better performance and smoother gameplay.

What are these settings? In Outriders, you can change many options according to your taste. Here you will find adjustments for:

  • graphic
  • Frame rate (FPS)
  • Gameplay

With small tweaks in the right places, you can get a lot out of each of these areas without sacrificing a lot of quality. It can even fix some problems.

What do the settings bring? The goal is to both improve the FPS and make the game generally smoother. It is about nicer cut scenes, more pleasant gameplay, and better graphical representation without loss of performance.

You can make a lot of settings in Outriders. We show you five of them that make the game better on the PC.

The best graphics settings for more FPS

These settings provide the best FPS: In the options menu you will find the items “Display” and “Display (extended)”. Make the following settings here:

  • Window mode: fullscreen
  • Activate FPS limit: off or 243
  • Limit mouse to the window: off
  • Field of View (FOV): 80
  • Motion blur: off
  • Quality preset: User-defined
  • Effects quality: Medium
  • Texture quality: high
  • Shadow quality: medium
  • Anti-aliasing: off
  • Post-Processing Quality: Medium
  • Visibility Quality: Low
  • Foliage Quality: Low

You do without these options on hardly any noteworthy optical details. Visibility and shadows, for example, are rarely really noticeable in outriders, textures are much more important. So you should easily get over 100 FPS even with a GTX 2080 and comparable or older cards.

If you have a stronger card, such as a new 3080, you can turn the details back up. Start with the effects and textures, then work your way through the options.

What else can I change? You can disable VSync if you have trouble hearing gunshots. Some users had the problem that enemy shots had no sound and disabling VSync helped here. This was also the case in our test.

You should adjust the brightness if you are sitting in a particular light or darkroom. The attitude is however subjective and you have to find your own optimal value.

DirectX 11 and 12 against stuttering

DirectX is a graphics interface that probably every PC gamer uses, even if he doesn’t know it directly. Some time ago, the latest version, DirectX 12, came onto the market.

However, this always causes problems because DirectX12 does not run smoothly for some users. There are stuttering and stuttering in the game, almost like with micro-lags, only permanently.

Outriders asks you when starting on Steam whether you want to use DirectX 11 or 12. Should you notice a stutter, simply change the version – no matter in which direction. That can help.

The problem should be fixed anyway or already be fixed. Outriders is getting its first major patch and the stuttering with DirectX is one of the construction sites.

Better and nicer cinematics without wobbling

This is how you make cinematics better: For better cutscenes, you have to adjust two settings:

  • Video sequence camera stabilization: 1.00 (under “Gameplay”)
  • Video sequence Max. FPS: 120 (under “Display”)

When stabilizing, you can start at 0.25 and then work your way up if you lose immersion due to a camera that is too quiet. At 1.00 am, the wobbling in the cut scenes has almost completely disappeared.

That’s why it’s useful: Outriders often interrupt the game with cinematics in which characters talk to each other or the landscape is shown. There have been complaints about the camera work since the demo and the scenes are limited to 30 FPS by default.

The picture shakes constantly as if someone was filming everything with a trembling hand and hand camera, like in an amateur film. The effect is quite nice and fits the harsh post-apocalypse, but can lead to motion sickness or seasickness in some players.

Nvidia DLSS – Performance or Quality?

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you can activate DLSS (“Deep Learning Super Sampling”) in the display options. This means that your graphics card adapts constantly while you are playing so that your settings work optimally for your needs. You have five options here:

  • Ultra performance
  • power
  • Balanced
  • quality
  • Out

With a focus on the performance you get more FPS out of your game, with quality everything looks nicer. We recommend the settings “Balanced” or “Performance” if you are playing with the graphics options listed above.

Basically, DLSS helps to achieve nicer and smoother gameplay. When focusing on performance, however, it can happen that details like hair suddenly look a bit tangled. It’s best to try out which setting you like best.

Auto-loot limit on “Frequent” for better looting

In the gameplay options, you will find the setting “Minimum rarity (automatic collection)”. By default, this setting is set to Epic. We recommend changing this limit to “Frequently”.

After all, Outriders is a loot shooter and you can make money with loot that you don’t need directions or you can dismantle it. You can already draw powerful mods from rare (“blue”) objects, and Outriders’ crafting system is particularly successful.

You can even dismantle the prey on the go if you carry too much. With the “H” key you can collect all the loot in the area above the minimum rarity. You can reassign this key under “Control” in the menu.

If you want to have better loot, you have to turn the world levels up. There is also an option in the gameplay menu for this: Set the maximum world level automatically. Set this setting to “On” and you will always play on the maximum possible world animal.

This makes the game harder, but you also collect stronger equipment. And in order to reach more tiers, you have to play on the heavier ones anyway.

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