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Outriders: Farm Titanium quickly to upgrade your equipment



Outriders fixes exploit that gave players way too many legendary items

The entry into Outrider is simple: The game gives you weapons and armor to the hand that your levels are adjusted. If you advance in the world levels, you have to upgrade your equipment. In our guide, you will learn why titanium plays an important role and how you can get it.

What do you need titanium for? Epic and Legendary weapons, like other weapons and armor in Outriders, can be upgraded. At Dr. Zahedi, you can use the resources you have collected to improve related items. In the world of Outriders, you can mine iron yourself, but not titanium.

How do you get titanium? Titanium is dropped from mini-bosses and bosses, but with a low drop chance. It’s easier if you dismantle epic or legendary items. This will give you a safe source to get to Titan. We’ll explain below how to do this the fastest and most effectively.

Farm Titanium in Outriders quickly and easily

The easiest way to get to Titanium is to lay bosses, which will drop your epic loot. This even works at world level 1, the lowest level of difficulty in Outriders.

Two bosses are particularly suitable for farming titanium: With the gigantic lava spider and the crystalloid, the first two bosses in the game are already good spots for farming titanium. We’ll tell you how to get to both bosses.

Boss 1: Gigantic lava spider

  • Select the story point »Eagle Peaks« in the main menu
  • Select the checkpoint “Explore the top of the volcano”
  • This puts you right in front of the starting point for the fight with the lava spider
  • Kill the lava spider, which gives you epic equipment drops

How do you kill the gigantic lava spider? First-time players against the spider should study their attack patterns. In the three phases, she changes her attacks. Impacts are marked with a blue or red circle. Avoid these places and fight the little mobs to heal you. In the third phase, you run in circles and fire from the hip. With a little practice, you can put the boss down within a few minutes.

Boss 2: Chrysalis Mutant

  • Select the »Forest Enclave« story item in the main menu
  • Select the checkpoint “Find the crystalloid”
  • You start right before the fight with the Chrysalis Mutant
  • Kill the chrysalis mutant who will drop you a guaranteed legendary item the first time. Each subsequent time, you will receive an epic equipment drop

How do you kill the chrysalis mutant? At a higher world level, the boss can become demanding and difficult. During the first phase, stay on the left side of the rocks and take cover behind them. The closer you are to the boss, the more damage you cause. His weak point is the shoulders – so shoot them.

You evade his attacks by covering and rolling. In the second phase, insects spawn, kill them first, and avoid area attacks.

Search and hunter missions deliver you Titanium

Another way to get hold of Titanium in Outriders is by completing bounty and hunter missions. As soon as you reach Trench Town, both mission types will be unlocked. Both order types guarantee you epic loot after completion, which you can then dismantle.

It’s easier in co-op: At a lower world level, you can lay bosses in co-op, collect bounties, and, as a hunter, farm titanium quickly and effectively. A well-rehearsed troop manages the bosses in under 5 minutes. With a little grind, you can get titanium so quickly and easily. The resource is extremely important, especially in the endgame during the expeditions. You can only pass this if you advance into the areas with the best equipment.

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Difficulty Village of Shadows in Resident Evil 8 Village and how to unlock it



Difficulty Village of Shadows in Resident Evil 8 Village and how to unlock it

We tell you how to unlock the Resident Evil 8 Village Difficulty of Shadows on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox and we will help you overcome it without hardships.

The Shadow Village difficulty level is the final challenge you will have to face in Resident Evil 8 Village. In this section of our complete guide, we tell you how to unlock it and help you overcome this challenging game mode. Equip your best weapons and follow our advice to avoid problems when it comes to surviving enemies that will be more dangerous than ever.

Unlock the Shadow Village difficulty

To be able to play in this mode you must complete the game for the first time on any difficulty level, although if you have the Deluxe Edition of Resident Evil 8 Village you will have it unlocked from the beginning.

The first thing to keep in mind when approaching this mode is that enemy attacks do a lot of damage, resources are not so easily found and any threat can kill you in the blink of an eye. But fear not; we help you survive.

Tips for surviving in Shadow Village mode

Play with infinite ammunition: unlike anything seen in other installments in the series, Resident Evil 8 Village is generous when it comes to New Game Plus. Without going any further, if you load the file of a completed game you can start a new one in another difficulty mode taking advantage of the improvements and unlocked extras. Of course, infinite ammo cannot be lacking in your best weapon.

Learn to block and push: good defense is as important as the best of attacks. With the L2 trigger (PS5, PS4) and LT (Xbox), you can block the attacks of almost every enemy in the game. In addition, if you press the button again immediately, you will make an effective counterattack that will make your opponent go back. It is vitally important that you master this movement when entering a fight.

Fight Only If Necessary – There are enemies you can run from as you don’t have to kill all of them. Taking into account that they are very dangerous and that you do not have too much ammunition, the smartest thing is to fight only when strictly necessary. In addition, it is not advisable to extend your stay excessively in some areas of the game, so we advise you to follow our step-by-step guide so as not to get stuck at any time.

Forget about treasures: the main objective of completing this mode is exactly that, to complete it. So don’t be obsessed with looking for treasures, or exploring too much. The closer you get to the main objective, the closer you will be to overcome the challenge and the fewer enemies you will encounter on your way. Focus on getting only the key items you need to advance.

Reserve the best weapons for the final bosses: it is obvious, but it does not hurt to remember. If you’re not going to play with infinite ammo or are brave enough to play in this mode from the start (if you have access), once you have powerful weapons like the GM 79 grenade launcher and the M1851 Wolfsbane revolver, don’t waste your ammo fighting against normal enemies; save it for boss battles at the end of the game.

Make medicines: in other difficulty levels it is more advisable to create mountains of ammunition, but in Shadow Village, it is better to bet on storing medicines. The reason is due to the damage inflicted by enemies; a single hit will bring you to the brink of death, so don’t take a second to heal your wounds.

Watch out for Lady Dimitrescu: as you well know, the imposing woman is chasing you as you explore the castle. In other difficulty modes, she can withstand several of his attacks, but in Shadow Village, she is a deadly foe; learn to avoid it with our tips to escape from Lady Dimitrescu .

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How to defeat Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil 8 Village; best tips and tricks



How to defeat Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil 8 Village; best tips and tricks

We tell you how to kill the final boss Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil 8 Village on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox. Tricks, tips, and strategies to survive.

Lady Dimitrescu doesn’t just haunt you during your stay at Dimitrescu Castle; He is also the final boss of the area in question. Behind the charismatic and elegant woman a large monster hides. In this section of our complete guide we cover the first boss you will have to face in the game and he is not going to make things easy for you. Get rid of it without any problem thanks to the best strategies and tips.

How to beat Lady Dimitrescu step by step

Once it shows its true form and the battle begins, the first thing you have to do is inspect the scene. You can tour the rooftops in the tower surrounding the central dome as if it were a circuit. If you want to see how Lady Dimitrescu behaves, it is not a bad idea to take a short walk while keeping the distances as a warm-up.

As soon as you have a favorable position, shoot the body that sprouts from its back with the shotgun. An F2 sniper rifle is also a good option, but only if you have ammo to spare, as you will need it in a couple of minutes. In any case, this initial phase of the battle does not have much history; Shoot and back away constantly so he can’t hit you. And if you think it will hide in one of the small circular towers in the corners of the map.

When you’ve done enough damage, the monster will fly. Do not worry; it is the ideal moment to start winning the fight. Do not delay in shooting his head with the sniper rifle. If you get it right, it will take little time to fall, but if you miss and take too long it is likely that a cloud of flies similar to those that accompanied his daughters in the castle will throw you. They don’t do a lot of damage, but they make vision difficult, so the only thing you can do is in case they catch you is run until they disappear.

After landing a few shots, Lady Dimitrescu will destroy the stage and you will both fall to the bottom of the tower. In this phase of combat, the only objective is to run up the stairs and shoot him with the shotgun as soon as he reaches the upper area. It will not take long to react and grab you, giving rise to the last moments of the fight: aim for the head and shoot as if there were no tomorrow.

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How to run away from Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil 8 Village



We tell you how to escape from Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil 8 Village on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox. Tricks, tips, and strategies to survive.

Lady Dimitrescu is one of the most charismatic characters in Resident Evil 8 Village. She lives in her castle with her daughters Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela, she is not willing to let Ethan Winters take all the treasures from her home and she will do the impossible to finish him off. If its imposing appearance terrifies you, in this section of our guide we help you with the best tips so that you can escape from it without any problem.

Tips for escaping from Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu bears similarities to popular foes like Mr. X and Nemesis. She is the first of Mother Miranda’s four lieutenants and is designed to chase you through various areas of Dimitrescu Castle. We tell you everything you need to know about it.

  • First encounters: the first time you will see Lady Dimitrescu you should not worry about her, as she is part of
  • several pre-set situations and the game will only show her so that you can admire her; it will appear fleetingly and you will never see it again.
  • Lady Dimitrescu is on the loose: once you see her cross the double door that connects the main hall of the castle with the access to the courtyard, you should know that from that moment on she will be able to appear in almost all areas of the stage. The music will change tune and the only thing you can do is run away.
  • It is invulnerable – you cannot kill Lady Dimitrescu during the chase scenes. However, if you shoot her head with the shotgun, you will stun her for a few seconds; take advantage to escape from it.
  • Use the environment to dodge her: Lady Dimitrescu’s blows are potentially deadly, so don’t abuse shooting her to stun her unless strictly necessary. Instead, take advantage of the large rooms with tables and structures to take advantage of the fact that it is not too fast and take a detour.
  • Hide in the safe room: Lady Dimitrescu cannot access the room where the Duke has his tent set up next to the same machine. If you don’t feel comfortable after a chase, or you can’t get him out of the way, run into this room and wait for him to disappear.
  • Lady Dimitrescu (final boss): Minutes after placing the four masks in the main hall of the castle, it will be time to face the definitive version of Lady Dimitrescu. It will be an intense fight, but you don’t have to worry; We tell you the best strategy to defeat her in the following link.


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