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Sony engineers wanted to design a PS5 that would cost $1000, according to Jim Ryan



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PS5 could have been a much more expensive console, reaching a whopping $1000 in retail value, according to PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan.

PS5 is making its debut today in Europe and Russia, with two models at 499 and 399 euros of retail price respectively, but it could have been much more expensive. In an interview with GO, Jim Ryan claims that the idea was on the table a few years ago, but that he convinced Sony engineers that it was a bad idea.

Can you imagine that PS5 costs $1000? Well, it wasn’t that far from reality, an amount that doubles the official price of Sony’s new console at its launch. The reasons are explained by Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation.

Ryan says that the idea for PlayStation 5 came about five years ago, with a promise from Sony engineers to provide the console with new sound hardware (what we now know as 3D audio), new controls (DualSense technology), and an innovative graphics chip.

The engineers said there was a really cool chip here and that PS5 was going to be a great games console. And I might have been forced to say yes, but that great game console would sell for about $1000,” Jim Ryan told.

It’s no secret that the production costs of PS5 have been higher than the price at which it has been put on sale, and that was a subject of discussion at the time. Both Sony and Microsoft (the competition) lose money with every console sold, and the big culprit is the SSD memory disc.

Do you think that a PS5 at a price of almost $1000 would have worked in sales? The truth is that it’s not easy to offer a product with technology equivalent to that price (the same goes for Xbox Series X) at a price of 499 euros, but fortunately in the end this possibility has been given.

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