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Sony launches beta for the console that allows the installation of external cards



Sony launches beta for the console that allows the installation of external cards

One of the most requested features by the PlayStation 5 community is the ability to expand storage capacity. Sony’s next-generation console has an SSD that many users consider insufficient and therefore want to install their own card.

With no date announced, Sony promised that this feature would arrive in the future and now it seems that it is closer than ever. The Japanese company has published a guide on its website in which it announces that a beta update already includes this possibility.

It is key to emphasize that only users who are in the beta phase of the console will be able to introduce an M.2 SSD, a function that will arrive in “an upcoming software update.”

Among the details that are included to determine the compatibility of this SSD card, it is shown that it must be Gen4 x4 M.2, its capacity can range between 250GB and 4TB and a reading speed of 5,500 MB / s or faster is recommended.

When will this update arrive for everyone? The doubt remains since it could be in the next firmware update if everything goes well or maybe we have to wait for more. Sony has the last word.

More features for the latest beta

From The Verge, they reveal that other features are being tested in this beta. For example, 3D audio support is being implemented for integrated TV speakers. To achieve an optimal configuration, DualSense will be in charge of measuring the acoustics of the room and applying the ideal measures.

Improvements are also added to the Game Base sections or the Control Center, being able to reorganize or write direct messages to friends. On the other hand, it seems that we will try to tackle the problem when it comes to differentiating which version of a title we are playing, whether the PS4 or the PS5. They will appear separately, both at the start and in the library, and correspondingly indicating which consoles they correspond to.

The PlayStation Now service will add the option to switch between resolutions between 720p or 1080p, which had already been announced a few months ago.

First SSD drives compatible with PS5

The Seagate company has announced the arrival of new units for its SSDs, which in this case contain the peculiarity of already being compatible with the new generation console. FireCuda 530 NVMe m.2 is the name given to this device, which has been developed through collaboration with Sony. The prices will be the following:

  • 500GB: $ 149.99.
  • 1TB: $ 254.99.
  • 2TB: $ 514.99.
  • 4TB: $ 999.99.

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