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Spider-Man is scheduled to be added to Avengers by the end of 2021



Spider-Man in Avengers are planning to add to the end of 2021 the year

The creators of Marvel’s Avengers announced the appearance of Spider-Man in their game in mid-2020, stating that he will join the cast of characters in early 2021 – however, the release was delayed as the developers began to refine systems and other content.

The first update about the character in a long time was shared by senior designer Scott Walters.

For now, we can only say that we have always planned to release Spider-Man to PlayStation users in 2021. This plan is in place, so stay tuned for more details later this year.

Scott Walters
senior designer

  • Spider-Man’s exclusivity on PlayStation consoles earlier in 2020 has become one of the main criticisms of the creators. They tried to explain the decision by the relationship between Marvel and PlayStation, but instead, the players were only more confused.
  • Now it is not even known how the character will look, but a year ago the developers promised that the character will have an almost imperceptible transition from movement to battle.
  • On August 17th, the Avengers will be releasing a major expansion, War for Wakanda, which will bring the Black Panther into the game.

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