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Stan Lee’s cameo in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy



stan lee appearance

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a product that largely owes its existence to the great Stan Lee, the late comic book genius. There are a few recent audiovisual entertainment products that do not have a cameo of the mind after so many hours of fun, and it will also have a cameo, which we show you without spoilers (although you can see the express cameo a little further down).

How to see the cameo (no spoilers)?

Stan Lee’s cameo will take place during Chapter 6. To see if you have to go to the Collector’s Emporium, in the market. There is a giant holographic head at the door, it has no loss.

Once there, you have to pay the entrance (5,000 units) and go through all the objects until the Stan Lee cameo takes place.

Stan Lee’s cameo (with spoilers)

stan lee cameo

Last chance to stop reading if you don’t want to spoil the cameo. Do not continue reading if you do not want us to tell you what the matter is about. As we have indicated, you will have to enter the Collector’s museum and go review the different objects that Tivan has accumulated. Among them are very special glasses:

When you read them, they will present themselves as the “cosmic glasses.” His description is also not wasted:

The game itself acknowledges Stan Lee’s own presence as a legend in the Marvel universe. An omnipresent entity capable of leaving its mark in all the worlds where it could leave its mark, especially in ours, the real world.

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