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Peter Quill outfits and how to get them in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy



Peter Quill outfits and how to get them in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy offers us the possibility of getting various outfits for Peter Quill, alias Star-Lord and the rest of our characters, skins with which we will change the appearance of our heroes. As part of our guide, we will explain how to get them all, of course.

These are Peter Quill’s 13 outfits and what you need to do to get them:

  1. Standard attire
  2. Nova Lord
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
  4. Bad Lord
  5. Apocalypse Lord
  6. War Lord
  7. Team Lord
  8. Gold Guardians
  9. Social Lord

Standard outfit

The outfit is available for Peter from the beginning.

Nova Lord

This suit is obtained during Chapter 2 . Move forward until you push a yellow box into a hallway. Right after, as you move forward, look for this gap in the pipes at the junction.

Go to the end of this small space to find the chest with the outfit.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

This suit is obtained during Chapter 6. Move to the area where there is a huge pile of something that looks like red branches covering a square. If you look under the stairs you came from, you will be able to find the container.

Bad Lord

This suit is obtained during Chapter 8. Right after the pool of “goo” when fleeing from the robot through the tunnels, you will pass with Peter crouching through a tunnel. As soon as you exit you will have a block to your right. You must move it right to the hole you came out of (using Drax).

Go up to the room at the top of the wall and you will find the container without problems.

Apocalypse lord

This suit is obtained during Chapter 12. When you are in the gray area with the hole in the middle, to advance you have to place a block on one side. As soon as you go up, look to the right and you will see a wall to climb Gamora.

Do it, and that she propels you to get on the crane that was over the hole you have climbed from. The container is on one of the walkways.

War lord

This costume is available by default.

Lord team

This suit is obtained during Chapter 14. When in the wind tunnel, look behind you when you reach the platform next to the fan. You will see that there are some higher points that you can reach, the container with the suit is in one of them.

Golden guardians

This costume is obtained automatically as part of the story.

Social Lord

This costume will be available with the purchase of certain editions of the game.

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