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Starfield: Character Creation Guide



Starfield: Character Creation

Starfield is a new Sci-Fi Adventure RPG from Bethesda Studios offering a vast space experience to the players. Players will get to visit numerous planets and create their own characters with a unique background and traits in which they will be respected (or not) by the civilization colonies on the living planets. The in-depth RPG experience of Starfield is highly based on the character creation options that players select at the early stage of the game. Choosing certain background or traits can allow you to have additional and useful dialogue options whereas, some can make you a hero for civilians.

In this guide, we’ll be going over the Character Creation system in Starfield and how it matters to your playthrough of the game.

Character Creation System in Starfield

The Character Creation system of Starfield offers a wide range of character customization in which you will get to customize your character’s body and face in depth. Once you have completed the tutorial of the game, you will get to create your character by going through the following procedures.

1. Biometric ID

The Biometric IDs are presets of the character from which you can choose anyone. There are 40 presets in total and you can even change the Biometric customization later in the game by visiting a genetics facility.

Once you have selected the Biometric ID or the preset for your character, move on to the next tab.

2. Body

The body customization will allow you to make your character Muscular, Thin, or Heavy. Move the point in the circle to change the physique of your character. After that, you can select the Body Type for your character which is mainly selecting a gender. Select the gender and then choose a walking style for your character that resembles a walking style of male and female.

After selecting the walking style, you can select a skin tone of your character and then move on to the next tab.

3. Face

The face tab has the most customization options in the Character Creation system. You can add tons of detailing to the face of your character along with changing hairstyles, facial hair, and much more. With every option, there will be a slider that you can change to browse the customization option and most of the options have additional sliders that you can alter to customize the intensity and shape of the respective option.

In simple words, there is a lot to character customization and it is worth spending time to make the character.

4. Background

Once you have created your character, it is time for major choices that will define and enhance your space adventure experience throughout your playthrough. The Background option will allow you to select a background for your character to define the theme and backstory. Each Background offers three starting skills which overall explain the playstyle of the character and you can say that the Background works as a starter class. However, as you progress in the game, you will get to unlock more skills and change the playstyle of your character completely regardless of the choice of background you made.

There are a total of 21 Backgrounds from which you get to choose one for your character so, go through all of them and select the best background for your character.

5. Traits

Traits are different than skills and they have both positive and negative impacts on your character. There are 17 traits available in total from which you can choose any 3 traits or none at all. It is your choice to make and you can browse through the traits to find the ones that fit your taste or none.

Once you have created the character, selected a background for it, and chosen the traits, you can finish the character creation and move on with the story. Initially, the story progresses in the same way for all of the players, no matter the background or traits but there are differences that all players will get to experience as they progress more and meet with people.

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