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Starfield: What are Backgrounds and Which One to Choose?



Starfield: Background

Starfield is one of the most immersive RPGs that came out in recent years. The unique Sci-Fi experience spread across over 1,000 Planets is beyond imaginable but players do get to experience it in none other than Starfield. As players begin their adventure, not long before they will get to create their character for which they will have to select a Background for their character. Background plays a crucial role, especially in the early hours of the game and if you are one of the players, who doesn’t have a clue what are backgrounds and which one to choose, then we will help you through it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what are Backgrounds and which ones to choose in Starfield.

What are the Backgrounds in Starfield?

Many of the recent and modern RPGs have a Background mechanic in the game that allows players to give a certain personality to the character and have a backstory for your created character. Well, it is somewhat similar in Starfield.

Choosing the Background in Starfield is setting up a theme and a backstory for your created character. Not only, does your character get a respective theme and backstory but it also gets 3 starting skills that define the playstyle of your character from the very beginning.

Which Background to Choose in Starfield?

There are 21 Backgrounds in Starfield. Each offers 3 starting skills that shape the playstyle of your character. The skills are the main aspect of the background and it is the only crucial thing that you can consider while selecting a Background for your character. Yes, the name of the Background and the backstory can matter too, but the thing that greatly matters is the skill that gives you certain advantages from the start. The best 5 Backgrounds from which you can choose one for your character in Starfield are the following.

  • Soldier: The Soldier background is best for the players who want to be strong in combat right from the beginning. One of the main reasons to pick this background is the Boost Pack Training Skill as it will allow players to use the Boost Pack as it is much needed in the game and most players will unlock it later down the road.
  • [File Not Found]: The File Not Found Background is perfect for those players who are not interested in any kind of Backstory but interested in getting good starting skills. The starting skills of this background will increase the maximum health, weapon damage, and ability to use ship thrusters.
  • Diplomat: The Diplomat Background is the only background that offers the Commerce skill which will increase the selling price of the items at vendors and allow players to buy items for lower prices from vendors. It is a great background for the players who want to earn credits fairly early in the game.
  • Bounty Hunter: The Bounty Hunter is the perfect Background for the players who want to fully function the ships and raid the pirates in space to get exclusive loot items.
  • Cyber Runner: Cyber Runner Background is perfect for players who prefer stealth playstyle. Selecting this will allow players to sneak around the enemies without getting noticed and hack the advanced tools to loot unique items. Players can even pickpocket civilians so, if it is your style then go for it.

Selecting the Background can be difficult but as it does not have an effect on the main story, you can select the one according to the skills that impress you the most.

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