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Starfield: How to Assign Items to Favorites



Starfield: Favorites

Starfield is an immense RPG with numerous planets to explore throughout the journey. As players explore the planets, they will gather several items of different categories. However, the method to use/equip the items can leave players scratching their heads as the game does not give a full tutorial on how to quickly use the items but there is a quick way to use certain types of items and it is by assigning items to favorites.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to assign items to Favorites in Starfield.

How to Assign Items to Favorites in Starfield

Assigning the items to favorites is not a difficult procedure but as the game does not tell you how to do it, you might find yourself figuring out how to use the quick slot menu which is the Favorites. The only thing in assigning the items to favorites is locating the items in the inventory. To do so, you need to pause the game which can be done at any point in the game. After that, select the inventory which is on the bottom right of the pause menu.

Selecting it will open the Inventory with all different categories that include respective picked-up items in it. You can add any 12 items to your favorites from the following categories.

  • Weapons
  • Spacesuits
  • Packs
  • Helmets
  • Apparel
  • Aid

To add an item from any of the mentioned categories, you need to choose the item that you want to add to your favorites and then press the Y Button to add it to the quick slot menu. You can also choose the direction of the quick slot menu in which you want to assign the item.

Once you have assigned the items, you need to press any button on the D-Pad of the controller to pull up the quick slot menu and then you will be able to select your favorite item from it.

It is one of the basic things in the game but due to its not being foretold, players can find it difficult to equip the items quickly.

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