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Starfield: How to Switch Weapons



Starfield: Switch Weapons

Players will gather hundreds of items, weapons, food, aid, spacesuits, and much more. The one thing that will make players scratch their heads is how to use the item/weapon that they picked up. Switching weapons is one of the things that players will do often during combat as they can run out of ammo pretty quickly. The game does not give you a tutorial on how to switch weapons/items so, players will have to figure it out by themselves.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to switch weapons in Starfield.

How to Switch Weapons in Starfield

Players will get to encounter pirates pretty early on in the game and at that point, they will have two weapons. As there will be not a lot of ammo for each of the weapons, they can run out of ammo pretty quickly. Once they have run out of ammo they will have to switch to the other weapon or they can go all brawl up and put their life on the line.

To switch the weapon, players will have to equip the weapon from their inventory. Every weapon that they will pick up will be sent to the Weapons Category in the Inventory. To do so, players need to pause the game by going into the main menu and then selecting the inventory section which is the bottom right on the main menu. After that, players need to select the Weapons tab and then choose the weapon they want to switch to and press A to equip it.

As players continue the game after equipping the weapon, the character will equip the selected weapon. It is a bit strange mechanism to change weapons or equip items in general because you are also going to need to use healing at various points during combat and you have to follow the same procedure to do it.

However, there is also an easy way that also game does not tell is by assigning the items/weapons to Favorites. By doing that, players will be able to use the quick item slot by pressing the buttons of the D-Pad on the controller.

The quick item slots can hold up to 12 items from different categories, so make sure to add the items that you use the most to equip them quickly.

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