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Starfield: How to Pick Locks



Starfield: Pick Locks

Like most modern RPGs, Starfield also has a Picking Lock mechanic through which players will get to open locked chests and boxes found around the towns or settlements on the planets. Picking Locks can reward players with useful items or valuables so, it is worth opening every locked chest you find in your playthrough.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Pick Locks in Starfield.

How to Pick Locks in Starfield

The tutorial for Picking Locks will be given to players in an early mission of Starfield. As players reach Planet Kreet to investigate the pirate’s base, they will find a safe in one of the rooms that players can unlock by using the Digipick. Digipick is a consumable item in Starfield that can be looted from the dead bodies of enemies, pickpocketed from enemies, and bought from vendors. Without the Digipick, players will not be able to pick the lock.

To start picking the lock, press the A Button on a locked chest/safe to initiate the Digipick on the lock and you will see layers of security. The layers of security can vary on the chest you are picking. You will see a set of pins that you need to match with the gaps on the outer layer of the security to get to the inner layer of security. Keep in mind that you will have to find the perfect set of pins to match the gap so that you can match the further pins to successfully pick the lock.

Sometimes, you might get into the first layer of security but you won’t find the perfect match for the second layer for which you have to change the pins by using the Right Stick or Left/Right buttons of the D-Pad to find an alternate match of pins. It can take a couple of tries before you find the perfect pins for each layer of security to pick the lock. After finding the perfect matching pins for each layer, simply press the A Button to open the lock.

Opening each chest will consume 1x Digipick so, if you run out of Digipicks, make sure to look around to find one or you can buy from vendors. Digipicks can become handy in your exploration so always keep a stock of Digipicks in your inventory to pick the locks and find valuables.

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