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Starfield: How to Open Cell D-02-106 – Echoes of the Past



Starfield: Cell D-02-106

Completing the quests can reward you with various useful items but another thing to consider while completing the main and side quests is keeping an eye out for all the interactable switches, documents, audio logs, and slates. They can provide you with additional information about the place you are in and can offer you to unlock a locked door to find more loot that can be helpful to you in your gameplay or can be sold to earn some extra credits. One of the similar cases that you might find yourself in is while completing the Echoes of the Past quest for Crimson Fleet. There is a cell door locked in the second section of the area which holds a weapon cache along with other items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to open cell D-02-106 in Starfield.

How to Open Cell D-02-106 in Starfield

While completing the Echoes of the Past quest, you will make your way to a security area and interact with a computer “D-Block Guard Post Workstation”. Interacting it with complete the main objective of the quest but if you read the last file “LIMS-2111A/UC Message”, you will get to learn about the cell in section 2 contains a weapon cache that holds weapons and other items. As you are in the facility, it might be worth checking out.

If you head down to the second level, you will be able to find Cell D-02-106 pretty easily but there will be no switch nearby to open it. To find the switch to open the cell, you need to head toward the Kitchen which is located just beneath the staircase of the cell. If you look above the kitchen, there will be another Security door. Go inside the security door and you will find a switch with the “D-Block Section 02 Cell Release Switch” panel.

Interact with the switch to open the cell D-02-106. Now, go back to the cell and it will be opened. Interact with the Weapon Cache to find a weapon. There will be a bunch of Ammo and Grenades lying as well on the table so pick them up as well.

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