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Starfield: How to Get Keelhauler Legendary Pistol Early



Starfield: Keelhauler

There are several weapons of different rarity that you will come across as you explore and progress in Starfield. As the rarer weapons have various perks on them, the best ones can be found on a Legendary Weapon. Legendary Weapons are more secret weapons in Starfield that players can get by going down a specific route or taking out boss enemies. One of the best Legendary Pistols that players can get early in Starfield is Keelhauler. The Keelhauler is a Revolver with an Automatic Perk that can melt the enemy in front of you without even giving it a chance to move.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Keelhauler early in Starfield.

How to Get keelhauler Early in Starfield

To get the Keelhauler Legendary Pistol early in the game, you need to complete the “Echoes of the Past” quest for Crimson Fleet. It is one of the quests for the Crimson Fleet questline and there are a couple of ways to join the Crimson Fleet in Starfield. Keep in mind that you will not be able to get the quest, if you are not joined in the Crimson Fleet faction.

To start with the Crimson Fleet questline, you will have to complete the following quests to get the Keelhauler Legendary Pistol.

  • Grunt Work (Only if you agree to serve UC Vanguard by talking to Commander Tuala)
  • Deep Cover
  • Rook Meets King
  • Echoes of the Past

Once you have completed the Echoes of the Past quest, the Keelhauler will be automatically added to your inventory which you can then equip and add it to your favorites.

If you join the Crimson Fleet after committing a crime then you will only have to complete the final three quests to get the Keelhauler but if you choose to keep your reputation high, you can complete the Grunt Work quest to begin by joining the Crimson Fleet.

Keelhauler not only allows you to shoot fast but it has a Recon Laser Sight which allows you to mark the targets by keeping an aim on them. It is surely one of the best pistols in the game as it can take out elite enemies in a single magazine.

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