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Starfield Preload Dates Confirmed for XBOX and PC



Starfield Preload Dates Confirmed

Bethesda Game Studios’ new game, Starfield, is launching at the start of the next month. It will be released on September 6, 2023, on PC and Xbox Series X. The players who have pre-ordered the Premium Edition or Collector’s Edition will have an edge in playing the game 5 days ahead of its launch. As the showcase of Starfield shows that it will be a big game, Bethesda and Microsoft confirm the preload dates for Starfield on PC as well as XBOX Series X|S. It is a great considerate move from Bethesda and Microsoft as it will allow players to jump right into the game at the launch.

The game size for both PC and XBOX is above 100GB and the XBOX Series X|S owners have been given the advantage of preloading the game first starting from August 17, 2023. The preload for the PC will start on Aug 30, 2023. The download size on XBOX consoles has been reportedly over 100 GB and at the final stage it might take space up to 125GB which is almost 1/3rd of the storage of the console. Whereas, the download size for the PC has been indicated as 125GB on Steam which can take up to 140GB of storage at the final stage.

There are only a few weeks remaining until the most anticipated game from Bethesda Studios launches and players can ready themselves by preloading the game at the mentioned date of their devices.

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