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Starfield’s Main Story Has Been Leaked, Community Admins are Warning Players to Stay Off the Twitter and Game’s Subreddit



Starfield Main Story plot Leaked

Starfield is Bethesda’s most anticipated upcoming game, an Action-Adventure RPG set in space and on several planets across the Milky Way. The game will present a unique Sci-Fi experience to the players with diverging storylines with multiple endings and outcomes. It will be an expansive experience for RPG enjoyers but recently the complete story plot has been leaked online. Players have been advised by the Community Admins to stay off the #Starfield tab on Twitter and don’t read the Starfield Subreddit. As the majority of the leaks have been shared under Starfield tabs and Subreddit.

A particular account on Twitter that goes by the name XboxTears360 has posted that he was making 1000 user accounts on Metacritic to review the bomb on Starfield which creates a lot of negative impact on the game and people waiting for its launch. He also has been posting the leaked plot of the story which may not be real but it does ruin the long-awaited and anticipated launch of Starfield. Several Users on Reddit and Twitter advise players to block this particular Twitter account so that they don’t see any posts from him and to stay on the safe side.

Starfield is officially launching next month on September 6, 2023, on PC and XBOX Series X|S. The players who have pre-ordered the Premium or Collectors edition of the game will get to boot up the game on September 1, 2023.

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