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Diablo IV Bans Accounts for Exploiting Realms Jump



Diablo IV: Best Classes for Season 1

Diablo IV has introduced two distinct Realms for players: one for those who wish to enjoy the main campaign and another for those eager to engage in the new season. There isn’t a significant difference between the two Realms, but the Seasonal Realm offers additional Seasonal Blessing XP and a greater variety of unique items for each class. However, players must create separate characters to access each of these Realms. The Eternal Realm serves as the primary Realm where players will create their initial character. On the other hand, the Seasonal Realm is temporary, only remaining accessible throughout the duration of the season, and it mandates players to create a Seasonal Character to partake in Seasonal content. At the conclusion of each season, the Seasonal Characters will transition into the Eternal Realm to reside there. Nevertheless, some players have discovered a glitch enabling the transfer of an Eternal Realm character to the Seasonal Realm, thereby gaining access to Seasonal Blessing XP, unique items, and more. To execute this trick, one must simply accept an invitation from another player within the Seasonal Realm and then disconnect their device from the internet. After a brief interval, upon reconnecting online, they find themselves within the Seasonal Realm with their Eternal Realm character. This glitch has been brought to the attention of the Diablo IV developers, who have announced their intention to release a Hotfix to address this exploit. Additionally, they have taken punitive measures against accounts that have exploited the Realm Jumping glitch. Adam Fletcher elaborated on these developments in a public forum titled ‘Season of the Exploit.’ Presently, the Hotfix has been implemented, preventing players from engaging in Realm Jumping using the previous method. However, it is merely a matter of time before players discover alternative means to exploit Realm Jumping for personal gain.

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