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Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: How to Defeat Tiamat



Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: How to Defeat Tiamat

The first major boss in Stranger of Paradise is Tiamat. She is a multi-headed dragon and she strikes a light and spits poison. Tiamat is a tricky boss due to her all sorts of attacks and also her self-healing and auto-targeting laser attacks in the second phase that will make a fight bit long.

Where to find Tiamat in Stranger Of Paradise: FFO

In the main mission: Memories of Wind, you will fight the Tiamat on the Flying Fortress. This boss can also be fought in the side mission: Ebon Memories: The Tragic Cynic.


Before the fight, you should bring your healing and detoxification materials because it will be a long fight and you will often use your potions. You also have to be prepared to absorb all sorts of attacks for the MP.

How to defeat Tiamat in Stranger Of Paradise: FFO

The first phase is relatively easier than the second phase because she doesn’t heal in the first phase. So what you want to do is that aim for her neck, she has six heads and you want to try to take slices at her neck because that’ll give you not only the most possible damage but you can actually chop off the heads if you do enough damage. She has different sorts of attacks but most of them are the AoE attacks that’ll cover a wide area either around her or in a line in front of her. Make sure that you do stay a fair range away from her because she’ll do the tail attack also if you hit her from behind. She’ll do a jump attack which is very easy to absorb. Just make sure that you’re taking the time to absorb everything that you can and then when he’s in the middle of one of his attacks face in another direction, go ahead and try to hit her neck. The more you absorb her attacks the more MP you build for your own attacks. As her attacks hit you they will destroy your break gauge extremely quickly as well so make sure that you’re not over encumbering yourself with that. The purple attacks will go through your absorb as well doing a bit of health damage to you. If you want to you can avoid them. The whirlwinds are very easy to absorb but sometimes she’ll attack you with the jump while the whirlwinds and it’s difficult to time the absorb of all the attacks at once. But if you’re good at timing and absorbing the whirlwinds as well as her jumps then go ahead and do it.

So the biggest thing in the second phase is she will actually regen and she regens basically all of her health so don’t worry about her health bar at this point. What you want to worry about is the yellow bar underneath her health bar which is actually her break gauge.

Tiamat FFO

So to whittle this down, part of her breakage is unable to refill after the first phase. In order to make that happen, you need to chop her head. So she will do a longer Tri-Attack which is actually her most vulnerable moment when she’s doing that you can get right on top of her and just melee her a bunch which can give you a lot of damage on her neck. You can hit all of her necks at the same time if you have wide enough attacks to do. You will see over time that when one of her heads gets chopped off her break gauge maximum will decrease and that is essentially her health bar in this fight. Do not worry about her actual health you’re not going to be able to actually kill her here that way. You have to whittle down the break gauge so it’s going to be a long battle. You can have a white mage on as a second class so you can heal yourself in the fight.

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