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Stray: Chapter 8 – The Sewers Walkthrough



Stray: Chapter 8 – The Sewers Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be telling you the walkthrough of the 8th chapter of the Stray game.

Chapter 8 – The Sewers

You’ll team up with Momo and start your journey to the outside world through the sewers. As your raft is going through the sewer, you’ll stop due to a closed gate. Jump on the right side and go through the small space in a door to another side. Climb the barrels and make your way to the left side and jump down. There’ll be a handle on the wall that you need to pull but the handle is surrounded by the Zurk eggs. Use the Defluxor on the eggs to kill the zurks and then pull the lever to open the door for Momo. Jump back on the raft and keep going. You’ll reach a metal gate and Momo will try to open it by the machine will get broken so, Momo will try to open it manually but he’ll tell you that he can’t come with you now and tell his friends that he is brave. Jump on the barrels and go under the gate.

Keep going and jump on the railing and go left into a room with robots and then go right from there. Just run straight and don’t turn anywhere and you’ll jump in front of the railing. Go down the stairs and make your way to the other side by jumping on the pipes. When you’ll reach the other side, you’ll see Zurk eggs in the whole area. You don’t want to kill all of the zurks because they will come in large groups and your Defluxor will heat up very quickly. So, what you want to do here is that step slowly and go alongside the wall on the right and turn right. Use the defluxor on the zurks eggs on the right and kill them. Then go left from there and step slowly and maintain a distance from the eggs. If they turn red, the zurks will come out from them. Only light on a couple of eggs to make the space for you to cross. Go To the left side and there’ll be a handle that you need to pull. Slowly make your way and you’ll be able to lower the handle but be ready to use the defluxor because when the door opens in front of you, there’ll be a group of zurks that will come for you. Just go to the side and use the defluxor on them to kill them. Just go ahead and you’ll reach an area with a lot of eyes on the wall and when the eyes see you, they alert the zurks on your location. But don’t try to break the eggs, just kill the zurks that’ll come for you and go from the platform in the middle of the area. Stay at a safe distance from the eggs and keep going forward. Make your way through the area and you’ll jump down on a pipe and then into another pipe to reach a new location.

Stray: Chapter 8 – The Sewers Walkthrough

You’ll see a door in front of you but the walking path on the sides will be filled with the zurk eggs. You’ll have to walk slowly and go through a path where there are fewer eggs. There’ll be two paths. Left and Right and there’ll be also two buttons on the door that you’ll have to use to open the door. So, you’ll be going through both of the paths. So, it doesn’t really matter from which side you go first. When you use the first lock, the eyes on the walls around you will open and when you try to go to the other side, they’ll spot you and zurks will come for you but they’ll be in small groups so, just stay and wait for them to come to you and just use the defluxor. Make your way to the other side and use the second lock to open the door. Go through the open door and then go right from there. A cutscene will start in which the B-12 will try to save you from the Zurks but he’ll get overheated and break down. You’ll grab the B-12 and a Chase Down will start. Just sprint in a zig-zag style when you are going straight so, the zurks don’t pounce on you. When you go up the stairs, they’ll be a couple of paths, and always run through that path where there is no zurk because the zurk will come from the other side. Just make your way to the end and you’ll go through a giant door that is closing. Go under it and the chase down will be over.

Interact with the B-12 and he’ll boot back up. Hack the lock to stop the fans. Go through the fans and make your way through the tunnels and you’ll go through a little space to get out of the sewers and you’ll see a robot waiting for you at the end of the sewer and the next chapter will start.

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