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Stray: Chapter 7 – Dead End Walkthrough



Stray: Chapter 7 – Dead End Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be telling you the walkthrough of the 7th chapter of the Stray game.

Chapter 7 – Dead End

As chapter 7 begins, you’ll face a chase down by the zurks. The key to running out from the zurks is always running zig-zag so if they jump on you, they can’t land on you. In this chase down you’ll have to jump through several things and at the end of the run, you’ll see a small sewer tunnel but it is blocked by zurks. What you have to do here is that run up on the stairs and make a round on the platform, the zurks will get out of there and you’ll be able to go through the tunnel and the chase down will be over. After that, you’ll have to jump through some pipes and get to the other side. When you get there, there’ll be a trolley under you, jump on it and the trolley will move and you’ll take a fall but it would be alright. Go up from that place by jumping on a tilted vehicle and pipes.

Follow the path and you’ll reach a small town filled with zurk eggs. There’ll be a generator in a room on the left side that’ll need a new fuse. To find the Doc, just follow the cables coming out of the generator and you’ll go through a house window. Go down the stairs and you’ll meet the Doc. The Doc will recognize the badge and will tell you that he can’t get out of this place because his weapon is not charged. He’ll tell you to change the Fuse of the generator so he can charge his weapon. He’ll give you the fuse for the generator and you’ll have to go to the generator and place the fuse on it to turn on generator. When you turn on the generator, zurks will come in but worry not the Doc will kill zurks with the light of Defluxor. Just go under the light of Defluxor and all the zurks will die as you reach back to the Doc’s house. The Doc will install the Defluxor in B-12 as well and you can use it for a short term when you face the zurks. You and the Doc will get out of the house to get back to the village.

In order to open the garage door for door, you’ll need to roll the barrel to the left side under the vent. Jump on the barrel and then into the vent. Go down and then lower the lever to open the small gate in that room. Use the Defluxor to kill the zurks in the garage and then go to the main garage door to open it and kill the zurks that are attacking the doc. Clear the place from the zurks and then follow the doc to continue. Follow the doc and he’ll open the door to the village. Doc will meet his son Seamus and Guardian will thank you for saving the Doc and tell you that Momo is waiting for us by the Sewers. Go left from the Guardian place and you’ll reach the sewers. Momo will be on a raft, get on the raft and the next chapter will start.

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