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Stray: Chapter 6 – The Slums (Part 2) Walkthrough



Stray: Chapter 6 – The Slums (Part 2) Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be telling you the walkthrough of the 6th chapter of the Stray game.

Chapter 6 – The Slums (Part 2)

Chapter 6 will start in Momo’s place and he left a note on a TV that he has taken all of his equipment and gone to the bar. B-12 will open the window with the code provided in the note Momo. Go outside the window and then jump into the bucket. Go straight down from the bucket roof and you’ll see Momo standing outside the bar. Go inside the bar and sit with Momo. Momo will succeed in making a contact with the outside world and the person he’d make a contact with would be Zbaltazar. He’ll become happy that all of his friends are alive and Zbaltazar will tell Momo that to get to the outside world, you’d have to go through the sewers. There’ll be a person name Seamus in the bar that will tell you that sewers are filled with zurks they will eat you alive. The bartender will tell you that the Doc was the father of Seamus and he never came back when he left to test his weapon on zurks. Momo will go to Seamus’s home to try to talk to him but he doesn’t want to talk about it, Momo will give him the Notebook of Doc and tell him to find the secret lab in the apartment because that is where the Doc must have built the weapon to fight the zurks. Momo will open a way for you to go inside the apartment and talk with Seamus.

Where to find & Open the secret lab in Stray

Go inside the apartment and talk with Seamus and show him the Doc’s Notebook. Then you’ll need to find the secret lab in his apartment. To find the secret lab, jump on the table and interact with the first picture on the wall to reveal the digital lock. Then go to the last picture above the table and interact with it to reveal the hint for the code. The hint is “Time will tell”, then you need to look at the clocks on the wall where Seamus was sitting. The time on the clocks will be 2,5,1,1. Enter the “2511” code on the lock and the secret lab will open. Go into the lab and you’ll find out some information about the zurks weaknesses. You need to jump on the stool on left near the zurk weaknesses board and then jump on the shelf. Push the box on the shelf down and you’ll find the Broken Tracker. Talk to Seamus and show him the Broken Tracker. He’ll tell you that my father used to locate me with this and maybe we can reverse it to see his location. Then go outside the Seamus house and back to the bar to talk with Momo. Go and tell Momo that you have to find the secret lab and show him the Broken Tracker, he’ll tell you to ask around the bar. Ask the bartender and show him the broken Tracker, he’ll tell you that he knows a person who can fix this. He’ll tell you to go to Elliot’s place near Grandma’s shop.

Stray: Chapter 6 – The Slums (Part 2) Walkthrough

To get to Elliot’s place, go left from the bar and as you turn right, the first door on the right side of the street is Elliot’s place. To get inside Elliot’s place, scratch on the door and a robot will open the door and you can go inside the place. Go up the stairs and you’ll find Elliot. Talk to Elliot and show him the Broken Tracker. He’ll tell you that he is sick and he can’t focus on the work until he gets a blanket to warm himself. You need to get a blanket for Elliot. Go to the left side and lift up the curtain of the window by scratching it. Go outside and you need to talk to Grandma. Grandma is in the same street as Elliot. Just go down the street and the last shop is Grandma’s. Talk to her but she will tell you that she needs an Electric Cable to stitch the clothes.

To get the Electric Cable, you need to buy it from Azooz. He sells different products in the Slums. He’ll sell the Electric Cable to you for 1 Super Spirit Detergent. You can get the Super Spirit Detergent from the laundry. But the robot in the laundry will not open the door if you scratch on it. He’ll say that keep the paint away from my troops. There are two robots working on the roof of the laundry with the paint. You need to go on the roof of the laundry where a robot is throwing cans of paint at the other robot. Don’t talk to the robot, just interact with it and you’ll get the option to “Meow” as he is about to throw the paint. Press the key as soon as it highlights and the robot will drop the paint can and the laundry owner will come out. Go down from the roof and get into the laundry shop. Take the detergent from the table on the left of the main door. Go back to the Azooz and buy the Electric Cable with the Super Spirit Detergent. After that, go to the grandma’s shop and give her the Electric Cable and she’ll sew a blanket. Take the blanket and go back to Elliot’s place and give him the blanket.

He’ll fix the tracker and then you need to go back to Seamus to tell him that you’ve fixed the tracker. Give him the tracker and he’ll get a ping on Doc’s location. Follow Seamus and he’ll go out of the Slums and tell you that he can’t run fast like you and he’ll give you his badge so the Doc will recognize you as a friend. Go outside the door and the next chapter will start.

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