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Stray: Chapter 5 – Rooftops Walkthrough



Stray: Chapter 5 – Rooftops Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be telling you the walkthrough of the 5th chapter of the Stray game.

Chapter 5 – Rooftops

You’ll have to reach the tallest building in the slums to place the transmitter so Momo can communicate with the Outside World citizen. You’ll be facing a lot of Zurks on the way to the top of the building. So, you’ll have to attract the zurks and then run through the other side or around them. To attract the zurks, do the “Meow” action. Once you reach a roof with a broken neon sign, look back and you’ll see a metal piece, jump on it and it will rotate a bit. Jump on the metal sheet to your left and then jump back on the metal piece to rotate more, then jump ahead. Go into the barrel and roll it closer to the next metal piece. Jump on the barrel then jump on the metal piece to rotate it and then jump on the next metal piece to reach the next roof. Make your way to the next roof on which there is a door that can be hacked by the B-12 and when you reach that roof, a lot of zurks will come to the other side of the door. You can jump to the other side by jumping on two ledges but the zurks will get you if you go there without locking them in the door. So, to lock the zurks in the door, you need to hack the door twice. At first, the zurks will get inside the door and when you hack the door again, you need to quickly jump through the ledges and go to the other side. The zurks will get stuck on the other side. Roll the barrel and then make your way to the building. Lower the wooden plank and go inside the building through the open vent.

Before you get to the top of the building, you’ll have to go up through several floors filled with zurks. For the first roof, jump down from the plank after making your way through the vent. Then you need to jump on the metal pipes in between the zurks and just run on them to the wooden planks on the right side of the floor. Jump on a wooden platform and go left from there to another side of the floor. There’ll be zurks on this side of the floor as well. Jump down and onto the pipes and then jump on the wooden platform on the right and go up from there and you’ll reach the next floor of the building. On this floor, there’ll be some zurks trapped in a door. There’ll be a barrel in that door that you need to roll to get to the metal pieces and go up from that floor. You can go inside that door from the left side of it by jumping on the block but first, you need to go to the front of the door and hack it then you need to run to the left side and jump up on the blocks and then inside the door and hack it again so, the zurks won’t eat you while you are rolling the barrel. Roll the barrel close to the door and then hack the door again to open and roll the barrel a bit more and then quickly jump on the barrel and then onto the metal piece. Then go up from the metal piece and you’ll see zurks coming for you but there are separate boards on that floor so, go on the first board and when zurks come closer to you then jump on the other boards and make your way up to the top floor.

When you reach the top floor of the building, you’ll need to use the lever to call the elevator down. When you pull the lever, a lot of zurks will come out and you’ll have to just run around on the floor around the boxes or pipes. Go around the whole floor two times and the elevator would have been coming down by that and then just run for the elevator and jump on the box outside the elevator and then jump on the elevator and then inside the elevator. Hack the elevator to go to the top of the building. Once the elevator has reached the top, jump on the stool in the elevator and then jump on the side of the elevator and then jump down on the roof. Place the Transmitter on the Antenna to start a cutscene. After the cutscene, jump inside the bucket and go down into the city of slums. You’ll get back to Momo’s place and the next chapter will start.

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