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Stray: How To Complete Chapter 11 – Jail



Stray: How To Complete Chapter 11 - Jail

In this guide, we’ll be telling you the walkthrough of the 11th chapter of the Stray game.

How To Complete Chapter 11

Clementine and B-12 will be trapped and you’ll need to find them and free them. When the chapter starts, you’ll get out of your cage and get out of the door, but the sentinels will be watching. When you get out of the door there’ll be a yellow conditioner on the left side of the door, jump on it and make your way to the closed gate. Then wait for the sentinel to move and go to the other side. You’ll see some blocks ahead, jump on them and go to the upper floor and you’ll find Clementine. She’ll tell you to grab the keys from the office in front. There’ll be a door ahead on your right, go in there and go out of the window of that room then come in from the window of the office, grab the keys and then go back from the same route. Go to Clementine and give her the keys, she’ll open the door of her cell. She’ll use the keys to open the gates ahead as well. Then there’ll be a cutscene where you’ll see that B-12 is in a cage with lasers all around it and sentinels guarding it. You and Clementine will make your way down and then you’ll have to free B-12 from that cage.

How to Rescue B-12

Go through the windows and jump on the boxes and then on the metal pipes to cross through the lasers. Then you’ll see the moving lasers, just walk behind the lasers and hide behind the table from the sentinel. When the sentinel goes away. Jump on the conditioner and when the lasers go ahead, jump down and cross it. Then go to the left side and pull the lever to disable the lasers. Then cross through the sentinel. When the sentinel goes to the right side, jumps through the window, and hides under the table. Then go to the cage and grab the B-12 then run straight and there’ll be a window on your right. Go through the window and go back to Clementine. B-12 will boot up and you’ll get all things back. Hack door in front with B-12. Then you’ll come across a closed door and to get through that, you need to push down the bricks from the trash can and Clementine will take a brick and break the window above. Go and interact with Clementine and she will boost you up on the window. Go into the room and pull down the lever for Clementine.

Stray: How To Complete Chapter 11 - Jail

You’ll reach in open ground and the sentinels will be guarding it. You’ll have to lock down the sentinel in the cell on the left. Hack the door and go into the light of sentinel and bring it to the cell and run out from the cell and hack it again to close the door. Wait for Clementine and go through the next door. There’ll be two sentinels and there’ll be only one cell but it’ll have two locks that will unlock the door or close it. Keep the one door close and go into the light of both sentinels and let them follow you to the cell. Make a round in the cell and go out of the cell and hack the door to close it. Clementine will open the door ahead but the next door will be closed so, go to the right and there’ll be an open vent. Go through it and pull the lever to open the door.

How to Get Out of jail

You’ll see a big door with EXIT written above it but you’ll need to open it from the control room on the right. To get to the control room, interact with the door of the Rickshaw Vehicle near and it will have keys inside the door. Clementine will reverse the Rickshaw for you and you’ll be able to jump through the back into the control room. Pull down the lever to open the door but as you open the door, sentinels will come for you so, just run back the way you came from and jump your way through it but Clementine will start to drive the vehicle, you’ll have to run to the vehicle and jump on it to escape from the jail. Then a cutscene will play in which Clementine will drop you back at the substation and give you the keys to the subway.

Go to the substation and you’ll have to power up the station by placing the Atomic Battery. Go to the right side of the subway and you’ll see the main power box ahead and its light will be red. Follow the wires coming out of it and it will take you down the stairs and all the way back. Place the Atomic Battery and the power of the station will come online. Go to the subway and insert the keys to start and the last chapter of the game will start.

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