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Stray: Chapter 10 – Midtown Walkthrough



Stray: Chapter 10 – Midtown Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be telling you the walkthrough of the 10th chapter of the Stray game.

Chapter 10 – Midtown

You have to look for Clementine in Midtown and ask her about how to get to the Outside World. Midtown is a bigger city than the slums and you can’t just go into every street or ask every robot in the city, it will take a lot of time. Zbaltazar gave you her address on the back of the photo. The address is of the apartment she is living in. You need to find the residency place where all the robots are living so, you need to go straight and you’ll see a holograph of a robot, go right from there and you’ll reach the apartment building. On each door, there is a similar address just like in the picture that Zbaltazar gave. The address of the Clementine is the Fifth apartment on the third floor. The Three Green Dots mean floor and the Red Five Dots mean the apartment so, run up to the third floor and look for the fifth apartment. When you see it, the apartment will be locked but there would be a little space through the window. Jump through the window to go inside the apartment. A cutscene will start and you’ll find Clementine, show her the photo of her and she’ll understand that Zbaltazar sent you. She’ll tell you her plan about leaving Midtown by using the Sub Train. She’ll ask you to get the Atomic Battery from the Neco Corp Factory so she can power up the substation and get to the Outside World. She’ll also tell you about a robot with a Bomber Jacket and a Gold Chain that can help you get inside the Neco Corp, she’ll give you a note to give to that robot so he can know that Clementine sent us.

Now to find that robot, go out of the residency building, go to the middle circle of the city and go left from there. You’ll see a clothing store on your right, go into the small alley after the clothing store and you’ll see a robot reading newspaper. Talk to the robot and give her the Note that Clementine gave us. He’ll tell us to bring him a Worker Jacket and a Worker Helmet so he can get you inside the Neco Corp Factory.

Stray: Chapter 10 – Midtown Walkthrough

Worker Jacket

You can get the Worker Jacket from the Clothing Store, but the owner of the store won’t let you steal it. You’ll have to distract him with something so you can go and get the jacket. If you go to the back of the store, you’ll see a stereo system and you can insert a tape into It to play. To get the tape, go back to the residency and on the ground floor, you’ll see some robots. One of those robots has tapes with him, talk to him and he’ll tell you to take down all three cameras of Neco Corp. Two cameras are on the first floor and the third camera is on the second floor. Go to the first floor and just jump on the cameras to break it. Then go to the second floor and as you go up the stairs, you’ll see the camera in front. Jump on the box and then on the camera to break it. Go back to the robot and he’ll give you the tape. Now go back to the Clothing Store and insert the tape in the stereo system. The owner will go in the back and just run up to the jacket to steal it.

Worker Helmet

You can get the Worker Helmet from the Hat store located on the corner of the street near the middle circle. You’ll see a lot of hats inside the shop but the owner of the shop will not let you inside the shop. To get inside the shop, you need to go to the bar. The one right next to the residency. Go to the back of the bar and you’ll see a worker sleeping there, jump on the shelves and push the bottles on him to wake him up. Now, follow the worker and he’ll go to the hat shop and start putting boxes inside the shop. You need to jump in one of the boxes and he’ll pick up the box and place it inside the shop. When you are inside the shop, jump out of the box and steal the Worker’s helmet from the shop. To get out of the shop, interact with the small vent on the left side and you’ll get out of shop.

Neco Corp

After getting the Jacket and the Helmet, go back to the Blazer and give the Jacket and the Helmet to the worker. He’ll tell you to jump inside the Neco Corp box and he’ll drop you inside the factory. Once you are in the factory, you need to look for the Atomic Battery. There’ll be sentinels in the factory which are the drones that will hunt you down if you get in the sights of them. If you get in the blue scanning area, they will detect you and shoot at you with the laser. So, try to dodge their scanning and when they go in the opposite direction then just run to the other side. Dodge the sentinels and go through the door that is barely open and you’ll get to the area where you need to open the door. Hide behind the wood planks and when the sentinel goes to the right side, go from the left and jump on the boxes to get to the lever. Pull the lever and the door will open. Jump on the big box on the left and then on the pipe and then jump on the floor. Dodge the sentinel and then go to the opened door. There’ll be trash bricks going on the belt and you’ll have to walk along them to get away from the sentinels. Just walk along any trash brick that is going and you‘ll get to the next area. You’ll see a worker and behind the worker, there’ll be a room secured with lasers. There’ll be a barrel there, go inside the barrel and roll it through the lasers to get inside the room.

Atomic Battery

The Atomic Battery will be in the middle of the room and it is protected. You’ll see three buttons on the floor that you need to press at the same time. There’ll be a robot box in the room and there’ll be another robot box on the left side of the room which is locked. Go to the robot box in the room and interact with it. It will follow you, go to the closed door in the room and when the robot box gets close to the door, interact with it again to turn it off. Jump on the robot and then on the door. You’ll get inside the door, and use the handle to unlock the door. Interact with the robot that is inside the door and take it to the left or right button on the floor and turn it off. Then turn on the other robot and take it to the other button on the floor. When both right and left buttons are pressed, the mechanism will go up in the air and you’ll be able to roll the barrel to the third button on the floor. Do so, and you’ll get the Atomic Battery. When you take the battery, the Neco Corp will get informed and you’ll have to run from the factory.

Coded Note of Clementine

You’ll get to the start of the Midtown, run to the residency place and you’ll see that it is locked down by the police and sentinels. You need to make your way up to their apartment of the Clementine. You can run it all the way if you want or you can go stealthy, it is all up to you. When you get to Clementine’s apartment, you’ll see that she is not there and she left a coded message on the wall of her plan. Take the coded note and you’ll need to find all four things that she mentioned in the note to figure out where she went. The first picture will be from which smoke is coming out and you can find it on the table in the main room. Go there, and interact with it to find the Note. The next picture will be a gem and you can find it in the upper area of the main room. You’ll see a half-opened drawer on your left with a napkin hanging out of it. Scratch the napkin and the drawer will open fully. Jump on the drawer and then up again to reach their sleeping place of Clementine. You’ll find the Gem up here in the end also with the second note. The third picture will be a hat and you can find it in the washroom. The hat will be on a mannequin, interact with it to find the third note. The fourth picture will be a lamp and you can find this lamp in the first room of the apartment. The lamp will be on a shelf so, just jump on the shelf to get the note. All four Notes will make the following message “I’m with Blazer, come to Nightclub.”.


Go out of the apartment and carefully make your way out of the residency and go to the nightclub. But the robot outside the club will not let you in so, go to the back alley and there’ll be a person in a window of the nightclub. Jump up on the boxes and then on the pipes to make your way to the open window and the robot will let you inside the club. Blazer and Clementine will be in the VIP section of the club that is up on the Nightclub. So, you’ll have to make your way to the VIP section. There’ll be a robot in a green shirt near the right side of the stairs that leads to the stage of the nightclub. Go and talk to him and he’ll tell you that he stole the lever of the stage. He’ll ask for a drink in exchange for the lever. Go to the bartender and he’ll make you a drink. Take the drink and give it to the Fripp. He’ll give you the lever. Now go up on the stage and attach the lever on the left side of the stage which is missing. Pull the lever and the mechanism will come down. Jump on the DJ table and then on the mechanism. One of the DJ will pull up the lever and you’ll go up. You’ll reach a control room where you can control the ceiling objects. Just use the first and the third button and you’ll be able to get to the VIP section.

When you go up to the VIP section, you’ll see Clementine is tied with ropes and Blazer will give us all to the Police and Sentinels. After the cutscene, you’ll be in a cage, you’ll have to move around to break the cage and then just jump on the pipes to get out of the gate. As you get out of the gate, the next chapter will start.

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