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Stray: Chapter 4 – The Slums (Part 1) Walkthrough



Stray: Chapter 4 – The Slums Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be telling you the walkthrough of the 4th chapter of the Stray game.

Chapter 4 – The Slums

You’ll reach the town full of robot citizens in this chapter. At the start, the robots will think you are a zurk and you’ll eat them so, they will go into their houses and shops to hide from you. Just go down the streets and you’ll see a robot name, Guardian. Go to him and talk to him. The Guardian will see you as an unknown specie and then tell everybody in the town to come out.

Talk to the guardian again after the cutscene and show him the picture of the outside that you find. He’ll tell you that the outsiders have gone from here and only MOMO is living here but he has lost hope to find a way to leave this place. He’ll tell you his address of Momo and say that you can talk to him about the outside world. Momo is living in a building with an orange neon sign. To get to that building just jump on the crates on the right side of the stairs and jump on the conditioners to reach the roof then jump on the other roof and go to the right and jump ahead on the Momo building conditioner. Then go through a little space on his balcony and there’ll be an open window, jump through the window and you’ll see Momo.

Momo is trying to fix a transceiver so he can make a contact with the outside world people. Go and talk to him and show him the outside world picture. He’ll tell you that he was left here alone and all his friends are gone to the outside world and only they can tell you the right path to get there. He’ll give you his Notebook in which all the notes are written by Momo. There are also Notebooks of his friends and B-12 will tell you to find other Notebooks as well to find the path to the Outside World. Go back to the window and jump on it, B-12 will tell you that there is a similar symbol on the wall in front that matches the Notebook of Momo. Go to that building to find the next Notebook. Go into that building through the open window. Go straight through the broken glass and then go to the left room. You’ll find Clementine Notebook right next to the computer. B-12 will tell you to find the other 2 books as well. You’ll have to look for the same symbol on the other buildings as well.

Stray: Chapter 4 – The Slums Walkthrough

Once you go out of the Clementine place, look a bit to your right and you’ll see the same symbol neon sign on a building. Make your way to that building roof. There’ll be an exhaust fan spinning on the roof of the building. Look to its left and there’ll be a power plug, take out the power plug to jump through the fan when it stops. You’ll get into a room. To find the book, you need to jump on the pile of boxes that is in the middle close to the lamp. Jump on the boxes and then jump back down. The book will fall down and then take the book. This Notebook will be Zbaltazar’s. To get out of the room, go to the right side and there’ll be a curtain on a window. Interact with the curtain to scratch on it to open the curtain and then jump out of the window. Go to the roof in front of Momo’s place and look to the right side. You’ll see another same signboard outside a room of a building. Go to the place and enter the room through a small place in the door. You’ll reach some sort of library or a room filled with a lot of books. To find the Notebook, go straight and turn right and you’ll see another room ahead which is blocked by piles of books. Jump on any piles of books and then jump into the room. You’ll find a safe key on the mattress in the room. Take the keys and go out of the room. Go to the left side and turn right, you’ll see a bunch of piles of books. Jump on it one by one to reveal the safe behind them. Use the keys on the safe and take the Notebook. This Notebook will be Doc’s. After getting all the books, B-12 will tell you to go back to Momo, and with all these Notebooks, Momo will be able to fix the Transceiver.

Go back to Momo’s place and give him all the Notebooks, he’ll fix the Transceiver and tell you to place the transceiver on the highest building in the Slums so he can communicate outside the slums. He’ll open a window for you. Go out of the window and jump in a bucket and then the next chapter will start.

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