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Taiwanese man sells PS5 after wife realizes it’s not air cleaner



Sony Is Reportedly Investigating The Corruption Issue Of The PS5 And PS4 Consoles

On November 21, a Taiwanese Facebook user calling himself Jin-Wu (吳建 均) wrote that he had purchased a PS5 from the retailer the day before. He said that after agreeing to pick up the device in person, he called the reseller’s number, and the call was answered by a woman, and from talking to her, Wu realized that she doesn’t often play video games. He also marveled at the surprisingly low price for the new device — cheaper than any other console he’s seen.

Despite the price, the woman seemed very eager to sell it. When he met the console owner in person, he was surprised to see a middle-aged man whom he considered an avid gambler.

When he started chatting with the man, Wu asked him where he originally bought the set-top box. The man replied that he bought it on the e-Commerce site PChome.

Wu then praised the man for his ability to find great deals online and asked: “You bought two? Why else would you sell them?» The man paused before saying, ” My wife wants to sell this.”

He wore a bitter expression on his face, and Wu was at a loss for words. The seller then said, “It turns out that women can tell the difference between a PS5 and an air filter.”

As early as June, netizens were comparing the new console to air purifiers, with memes such as this going viral:

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