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The 10 fastest cars in GTA III Definitive Edition: What they are and where to find them in GTA the Trilogy



The 10 fastest cars in GTA III Definitive Edition: What they are and where to find them in GTA the Trilogy

We tell you which are the best GTA III Definitive Edition cars within the GTA The Trilogy remaster and where you can find them.

As in any good GTA worth its salt, cars are a fundamental element and in this remastering of the renowned GTA III, there are a few that make a difference.

What are the best Grand Theft Auto III Definitive Edition cars in GTA The Trilogy? Today we are talking about 10 in particular that are the best choices to walk the streets.

The 10 fastest cars in GTA III Definitive Edition: what they are and where to find them in GTA the Trilogy


This car is incredibly common and you’ll be able to see it around Portland in a myriad of places. It is quite fast and given its easy method of obtaining it, it can be one of the best options to get out of the way.

Mafia Sentinel

It is a really fast car and whose aesthetics convinces without qualms. You can find this car at the Salvatore Gentlemen’s Club or parked in the area near San Marcos.

Patrol car

Without a doubt, although it may be common, we are facing a unique car. Just because of curiosity you might want to get behind the wheel of one of these. Well, forget about looking for a parked one, it is best to attract the attention of the police with a minor crime and steal it.


This is the fastest car in the game and an aerodynamic beast, so it should be one of your priorities if you like speed. You can get it on the streets of Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale and also parked near the Francis International Airport. 


Without a doubt, this is one of the most legendary cars in the series and a vehicle that breathes elegance and personality. On the second and third islands of the game, you can find it or also near mansions or clubs. If you want to get the Yakuza version, you will have to visit Staunton Island.


Another of the usual in the saga that has always been characterized by its devilish power and its particular design. Unfortunately, the Cheetah is difficult to obtain and very rare. Despite this, you can still see him around Cedar Grove in Shoreside Vale.

Devil stallion

We are facing a rough and modified model that can reach high speeds and that is quite common to see. You just have to head to Hepburn Heights on Portland Island to find a few.

FBI car

Like the patrol car, we are faced with a unique car that is difficult to obtain. These will only appear if you achieve a five-star search level or after completing the vehicle list.


Another vehicle is known for its great speed and acceleration. This one isn’t easy to see, but the best options to try are Kenji’s Casino and Asuka’s apartment.


A very unique car and an icon for taxi drivers, since it is the car inspired by the movie. You can find him in Hardwood, but only if you have passed 100 taxi races. It’s time to be patient.

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