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The 2 best ways to farm legendary weapons and armor in Outriders



The 2 best ways to farm legendary weapons and armor in Outriders

Legendary armor and weapons are the most important loot in the co-op shooter Outriders. They have a special look and particularly powerful mods that can be combined. Nintendosmash shows you the best way to find and farm these Legendaries.

What is legendary gear? This is the highest level of loot you can find in Outriders. They are particularly powerful thanks to their rank 3 mods and also offer unique designs.

Legendary armor also has set bonuses that enable particularly powerful combinations. For this, three parts are required per set. After the story ends, a big part of the endgame consists of farming Legendaries and refining their builds.

Usually, the mods of the weapons also go well with each other, so that each weapon favors a certain playstyle.

What Makes Rank 3 Mods So Popular? They only appear in legendary weapons and armor and have particularly powerful properties. Through the Outriders crafting system to modifications of equipment can be removed if they are broken.

Then you activate the respective mods for crafting and can attach them to other items. Legendary mods can be combined in this way, or even attached to epic equipment. In order to build the most powerful combinations in Outriders, you can’t avoid collecting legendary loot and its mods.

In this guide, we will summarize for you where you can get your Legendaries. We’ll show you some farm methods and ways to find guaranteed legendary equipment.

This is how mods work: These are properties that equipment from the rare (blue) level can have.

Modifications are a critical factor in Outriders. They are divided into three levels and the higher the level, the more extensively these mods affect an item. Rank 3 mods, however, are reserved for legendary weapons and armor and are usually particularly good.

Farm legendaries from quests

There are a total of 30 quests that are spread across all areas until the end of the story. So you have to play through the story of Outriders almost completely in order to complete this quest series.

Historian Quests

Historian quests will send you on a search for lost items that came from Earth and are now scattered across Enoch. You unlock these quests in the first chapter of the story.

The missions always follow the same pattern: You enter an area, you have to switch off some enemy waves and retrieve the desired item. The quests do not require a lot of time, as there are hardly any long walks.

Hunting quests

In hunting quests, you have to kill deadly creatures and deliver their trophies. You will unlock these in the 5th chapter of Outriders when you come to Trench Town.

Compared to the historian missions you will have to deal with more opponents, in the end, a mighty beast is waiting for you every time.

While you don’t have to walk far in some of the quests, there are quite a few quests here that are divided into sections. The time required is not particularly high here either.

Wanted quests

In wanted missions, you have to rivet dangerous guys who have been exposed to a bounty. These are mostly types who, like you, are endowed with special powers.

The wanted quests follow the same pattern as the other mission types. But there are some places that could be a bit trickier due to enemy snipers.

It’s no longer worth it in the endgame

The missions outlined above are primarily suitable for completing your mod collection. It is only suitable to a limited extent for the end game. Because in the course of the story you can reach a maximum of world level 15. Items drop there at level 42. However, this is not the maximum.

If you want to get to world level 15 quickly, have a look at our guide: Farming world levels in Outriders – This is how you get better loot quickly

What is the actual maximum level for equipment? Although players themselves can only reach a maximum of level 30, the limit for weapons and armor is level 50 and thus significantly higher. This will be made possible later by the expeditions

With enough materials, you can bring the legendary parts to level 50 through crafting. But this is an expensive matter because leveling up costs a lot of resources as the level progresses.

Therefore, after a certain point in time, you will not be able to avoid the following endgame activity.

Find legendaries in expeditions

What are expeditions? This is Outriders’ endgame activity. It will be unlocked after completing the main story. These are rotating missions in which you are sent to different areas.

This is how they work: In the expeditions, the world levels are no longer decisive, but the challenge levels. They decide how high the opponent level, the number of opponents and the overall difficulty level is in the expeditions.

  • Every expedition has a bronze, silver and gold time
  • The faster you are, the better the reward will be in the end.
  • Expeditions vary in scope and times
  • Only four expeditions are active at the same time
  • They rotate each time an expedition is completed or when the game is restarted
  • They are the only way to get gear beyond level 42
  • The aim of the expedition is to get to landing capsules. Loads of loot await you in it, depending on how successful you are.

Which expeditions are best for farming Legendaries? That is hard to say. Depending on the class played, weapon setup, and build, this can be very individual. However, some expeditions seem a little easier than others. These include:

  • Chemical plant
  • Coliseum
  • Star grave
  • Booming business
  • The Arches of Enoch

These expeditions are well suited due to their enemy spawns and time requirements and are also good for starting expeditions. It remains to be seen how it will continue to develop. With update 1.05 the timer times have already been revised.

Some expeditions require landing capsule resources to play. As of April 20th, these missions have no advantages over the other missions. So avoid these until you can easily afford them.

Other sources of legendary gear

There are a few other ways to find legendary items throughout the game. You only get this once per character.

This is how you are guaranteed to get Legendaries:

  • World levels: From world level 12 to 15, you will receive a legendary weapon as a reward with every rise, a total of four.
  • Side missions: There are some side missions that reward you with legendary weapons at the end. These include “Legacy of the Outriders”, “Big Gun” and “Abandoned Chapel”.
  • Dealer: As soon as you unlock the expeditions, the character Tiago offers a shop with legendary items in your warehouse. The offer is firm and you will need Landing Capsule Resources to purchase them. That’s in turn for the successful completion of expeditions.
  • Boss drops in the story: In the course of the main story you will be confronted with some bosses. Some even reward you with a legendary weapon for defeating them. This includes the chrysalis mutant from Chapter 7 “Forest Enclave”. There is also a legendary weapon in Chapter 12 if you defeat the boss.

Elite opponents were popular in the demo, what about now?

In theory, you also have the chance to get legendary items from elite opponents. In the demo for Outriders, it was already possible to farm legendary weapons early in the first chapter. But the chance is very slim. But if you don’t feel like shooting your way through tons of opponents, it is still a possible option.

The story point “Find the origin of the light in the distance” in the “Dunes” chapter is particularly suitable. The first confrontation throws a so-called warlord elite opponent almost directly in the face. Kill him as quickly as possible, then let the rest of the enemies knock you down.

However, this is not advisable if you have not yet reached world level 15 and still want to achieve that. Death reduces your progress in the world rank, which not only determines the level of difficulty but also drops chances and loot level.

Is it worth it? YouTuber DPJ tested this method and killed the warlord 200 times in a row. 168 rare, 167 epic, and 1 legendary item came out on (via YouTube ). It took him an hour and 42 minutes to do this.

This method can only be recommended to a very limited extent for legendary items. In terms of material and other equipment, this can be worthwhile, as a farm spot for legendary items rather less.

The problem remains that the maximum item level is 42, as with the other missions. So for the endgame, it is more worthwhile in terms of resources, in the form of scrap and titanium that comes around on the side.

How do you farm legendary equipment? Do you know any other farming methods? Let us know in the comments.

What do you think of the difficulty level of Outriders?

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