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With a new trick, you determine in Outriders which Legendary you get



With a new trick you determine in Outriders which Legendary you get

In Outriders a trick has now been discovered that lets you choose which Legendary you get as a reward. Nintendosmash shows you how the trick works.

This is why Legendaries are so sought after: They are the rarest weapons and armor in the game. Legendaries also have special properties through rank 3 modifications that favor certain play styles.

The Outriders crafting system allows these mods to be extracted and attached to other weapons and armor. Although they are usually hard to come by, there is now a way to pick and choose rare items.

What kind of trick is that? You have to complete one of the quest lines Historian, Hunt or Wanted. These are repeatable quest series, of which there are 10 pieces each. If you complete the 10, you will get a Legendary as a reward at the end.

However, this is a random item. The trick allows you to reset this quest reward and repeat it until you get your desired legendary. This works on PC and consoles.

The trick takes advantage of a gap in the storage system

Depending on which type of Legendary you want, armor or weapon, you have to proceed differently. You can get armor from the NPC who gives you the hunting quests and weapons from the NPC who offers the wanted orders.

Who is it for? This could be particularly interesting for people who are looking for specific mods or pieces of armor to complete their set or build.

Those who just want to farm legendary items should be better off with the expeditions. In our guide, we have summarized everything about farming Legendary: The 2 best ways to farm legendary weapons and armor in Outriders.

This is how it works for the armor:

  • First, complete all 10 hunting quests.
  • Don’t collect the rewards, just wait until the end.
  • Then you go with the 10 completed quests to the respective NPC and hand them in.
  • Don’t just click through the menu.
  • Instead, you choose the shop menu.
  • Now check in the Sell tab whether you have received the item you want.

If not, you have to quit the game immediately without exiting the shop menu. The whole thing works on the console as well as on the PC.

This is how it works with weapons: It is a little different here than with armor, as the quest NPC is not also a trader at the same time.

  • You, therefore, need a team member to collect the quest reward.
  • The team member then has to hand in the quests and see if it is the desired reward.
  • If not, the host will have to restart the game.
  • Of course, the whole thing also works the other way around for you.

In theory, the same goes for the historian missions, where you even get armor and weapons. The quests are already reliable sources for legendary loot.

The affected quest series was already an issue when Outriders was released. At that time there was an exploit that allowed players to access an almost infinite number of legendary items.

Developer People Can Fly reacted quickly and removed the exploit. It can therefore be assumed that this error in the storage system should be fixed quickly.

A patch is currently in the works anyway, which should fix numerous bugs: Outriders confirms the next patch, wants to deliver a lot of fixes.

What do you think of this trick? Are you going to use it? Or do you find it useless? Write us your opinion.

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