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The Binding of Isaac Repentance: How to unlock all characters



The Binding of Isaac Repentance: How to unlock all characters

The Binding of Isaac has a good handful of characters to play with apart from the protagonist. In addition, with the arrival of the different versions of the game, this catalog has been expanding. However, in order to use them, we have to unlock them first.

We have a total of 17 playable characters, but to this, we have to add their alternative forms. Therefore, in the following guide, we tell you how to get them all. Do not miss it!

The Binding of Isaac guide: how to unlock all characters

ISAACIt is the character with which we start the game.isaac character
CUPCAKEWe have to get 7 heart containers or more at the same time.Magdalene character
CAINYou have to get 55 coins at a time.Caine character
JUDASWe have to defeat Satan.Jude character
???We have to defeat Mom’s Heart 10 times.Character 3f 3f 3f
EVEIt is not necessary to collect any hearts on 2 floors within the same game.Eve character
SAMSONYou have to do 2 floors without taking damage in the same game.Samson character
AZAZELYou have to make 3 pacts with the devil in the same game.Azazel character
LAZARUSYou have to get 3 soul hearts or more at the same time.Character Lazarus
EDENYou have to complete Chapter 4.eden character
THE LOSTRebirth: Isaac has to die from a Milliboom in Chapter 1, Magdalene has to die from her bomb in Chapter 2, Judas has to die from Mom’s attack in Chapter 3, and Azazel has to die at the hands of Satan.Afterbirth – You have to kill yourself in a Room of Sacrifice while wearing the Lost Poster.Character The Lost
LILITHYou have to defeat Ultra Greed with Azazel.Lilith character
KEEPERYou have to donate 1,000 coins to a donation machine.keeper character
APOLLYONYou have to defeat Mega Satan.Apollyon character
THE FORGOTTENAs prerequisites we have to have defeated The Lamb and have finished a game in Dark Room.Defeat the boss on floor 1 in less than 1 minuteGo back to the starting room, plant a bomb, get the Broken Shovel and go Boss Rush.Take the second part of Broken Shovel and form the Mom’s Shovel item.Go to Dark Room and find the empty room and dig with the shovel in the mound of earth.Character The Forgotten
BETHANYWe have to defeat Mom’s Heart or It Lives in hard mode with Lazarus without dying.Bethany character
JACOB AND ESAUWe have to defeat Mom.Character Esau
CORRUPTED CHARACTERSGet to the Home floor and use the Red Key on the secret locker. Depending on which character we do it with, we will unlock its corrupted version. To get to this floor you need the Dad’s Note item.Character Lazarus Risen
DARK JUDASWhen we die by possessing Juda’s ShadowCharacter Dark Judas

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