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Rainbow Six Extraction: list of basic and temporary challenges



Rainbow Six Extraction: list of basic and temporary challenges

As if surviving the three phases of a Rainbow Six Extraction game wasn’t enough, Ubisoft’s new tactical action title has a good batch of challenges of all kinds to put us in trouble if we want to complete the entire experience.

In this article you will find the basic challenges to face, but also the temporary ones. Keep in mind that these challenges are different from platform game achievements or trophies. Here what you will get are experience points .

All the basic challenges of Rainbow Six Extraction

  • A Clean Slap: Hit 20 enemies with melee attacks.
  • What a dizzy spell: Stun 50 enemies
  • Boom! : Kill 150 enemies with REACT explosives.
  • Eagle Sight – Scan 100 enemies using REACT technology
  • Lean on Me: Revive 15 injured but not killed allies
  • Nobody Will Care: Kill 3 different enemies in a row
  • Master Dissection – Kill 100 nests with takedowns
  • Deactivated – Takedown 10 Demolishers or Globulars
  • Gross! : Kill 10 slimes with explosives
  • How many there are? : kill 300 growlers
  • Keep Them Away: Kill 50 Torments or Impellers
  • Barren Land – Kill 150 Blinding Spores
  • Personal Space – Kill 15 Choyas
  • Conquest – Kill 15 Crushers with one takedown
  • Mob Uprising – Assassinate 5 Alphas
  • Harvest: Kill 50 Seeders
  • Seasickness: Kill 10 enemies total while prone
  • Dark Echo – Enter a Singularity
  • Here I Stay – Rescue 3 of your Missing in Action Agents
  • Barely a Scratch – Complete the extraction with 50% health or higher after completing all objectives
  • A Bite into the Big Apple – Complete all of the New York Regional Studies
  • Guardian of the Golden Gate – Complete all San Francisco Regional Studies
  • Frozen Destination – Complete all Alaska Regional Studies
  • Aren’t we devils? – Complete all Truth or Consequences regional studies
  • Immutable – Complete 5 objectives in the last sub-area without going Critical
  • Wish List – Complete 10 different objectives
  • New High – Get a score of 35,000 IP in a single raid
  • Special Expedition – Earn at least 15,000 XP in 3 different Mission or Crisis raids
  • Mission Possible – Complete the extraction in 30 raids with all objectives completed
  • A Matter of Boys – Complete the extraction in 3 raids with the objectives completed and only male agents
  • Girls Know: Complete the extraction in 3 raids with all objectives completed and only female agents.
  • The Sage of the Tribe – Complete all objectives and extract with a level 10 agent
  • How Curious – Interact with 5 different Points of Interest
  • Region Research – Interact with 10 different discovery points in each region
  • Extensive Investigation – Interact with 150 Discovery Points
  • Picking Up Clues – Reach Milestone 15
  • Career Military – Complete all research tasks
  • 100% Certified – Reach Milestone 30
  • Look What I Got – Enter a raid with a non-default weapon skin equipped
  • Superstitions – Earn 500,000 IP with an amulet equipped
  • Style Change! – Kill 3 enemies with a non-default uniform equipped
  • Best of the Best – Reach level 10 with 18 Agents

Rainbow Six Extraction Temporary Challenges

We will complete this list as soon as Ubisoft updates the list of temporary challenges!

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