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The comparison shows how the most successful Nintendo Switch titles widely outsell those of PS2



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This morning we were able to meet to see updated sales data for Nintendo Switch and its most successful games, which showed that the console was selling at a truly incredible rate. Well, now we bring you a new comparison related specifically to software sales that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

In the images that we leave you below, shared by Shane Gill from Did You Know Gaming ?, they show that Nintendo Switch games are selling more than those of PlayStation 2 if we compare the most successful titles of each platform. This is striking considering that Sony’s console sold 155 million units worldwide before it was discontinued, while Nintendo Switch, for now, accumulates 61 million consoles sold worldwide.

The information in the images comes from Nintendo’s latest financial results in the case of Switch games and from sources such as Sony Polyphony Digital itself and Guinness World Records in the case of PlayStation 2. It now remains to be seen if the hybrid platform of Nintendo manages to exceed the total sales of PlayStation 2 games (1.5 billion compared to 466.7 million for Switch) as well as the console sales accumulated by this Sony console.

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