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The files that pointed to a Nintendo Direct seem to have been updated, arousing enthusiasm among fans



Rumor: Two More Games Allegedly Leaked for Upcoming Nintendo Direct

A few weeks ago, rumors started up again on the social networks of a Nintendo Direct. Many of them point to a new presentation for this same month of January and came from an article shared by the news media Gamerant. It did not mention any other source pointing to a new Nintendo Direct, but it did point out under speculation some signs that might indicate that a new presentation would be close.

Well, we have received interesting news about it and according to a post about the subreddit of Gaming Leaks and Rumours, there could indeed be a new Nintendo Direct on the horizon. With the help of Visio Spark, a website that can control when other websites were last updated, it has been discovered that files pointing to a Nintendo Direct were modified several times last week.

It is worth remembering that the last Nintendo Direct was for their theme park, Super Nintendo World, at the end of last year, and before that, they held a series of Mini Directs showing their associated games.

At the moment there is no reliable source pointing to a new Nintendo Direct for January this year, so we will be watching for any further announcements. Finally, we also remind you that Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury will be released next month and we still don’t know much about its additional content, so more details could be shared before its release if finally confirmed.

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