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The sale of black PS5s is canceled, in tribute to the launch of PS2, due to threats




Less than a month ago, a team was advertising a custom PS5 console in black as a tribute to PS2, but now it seems that they have canceled all the orders and are reimbursing the money for the reservations. Sup3r5 was the new website created and launched in December that already started accepting reservations for this PS5, but some people inquired and did not see any sales before this one, which was very strange; apparently someone took the work of a Reddit person from a PS5 in black 30th Anniversary Edition.

But things went much further than that, they didn’t just stay with assumptions like these, the company had started making statements through their Twitter account with the same name, Sup3r5. They themselves cited threats to their security and confirmed that they would therefore cancel all orders for this PS5 in the black PS2 edition and reimburse those who had already ordered. The problem comes when you go to that account and “This Tweet is from an account that no longer exists”.

That’s why all you can sense right now is that from the beginning it has been a scam because of their zero histories as a company and because of what they offered. Not the PS5 itself, the number, since they were 304 consoles in limited edition. In addition, they mentioned how they already had 54,000 people with the console on their wish list, which is obviously somewhat more than the number of people interested in it.

As a company with an empty history of shipping products, it was a “NO” for many who saw something scorched coming. And they may have been right since Reddit reported refunds after canceling their orders. And certainly, whether it was or not, the issue at stake right now is putting your trust and money in a company that is unknown.

In addition, it should be noted here that it may not have been these “threats” that erased all traces of them, as this may have been due to legal action by Sony in selling these custom PlayStation 5.

In the event that you have placed an order for these things, it is best to demand a refund and remove any payment information from the site to be fully insured.

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