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The final boss in Outriders is said to be particularly tough – the group only takes 14 seconds



The final boss in Outriders is said to be particularly tough - the group only takes 14 seconds

Anyone who has played through the story of Outriders will also meet yagak. He is the final boss and should be the ultimate challenge for the players. With the right equipment, however, it can be defeated in 14 seconds.

This is what it’s about: If you want to play through Outriders, you also have to pass Yagak. He is the final boss and should have brought quite a few players to despair.

One group of players had now made it their task to defeat the boss particularly quickly. Just 14 seconds and just a few shots were enough to defeat Yagak.

The final headshot, which caused over 49 million damage, was particularly impressive. That was too much for Yagak and the boss had to admit defeat quickly.

The perfect combination made for a quick fight

This is the clip: First, we include the short fight that the player and YouTuber Moxsy uploaded to Reddit.

That was the kill: At the beginning of the fight, the players fire a few shots at the boss from a distance. Then Moxsy gets very close to Yagak himself and lands a brutal headshot that causes over 49 million damage at once. Then the fight was decided.

How did you do that? To do this, the troop took advantage of numerous buffs and debuffs. Moxsy himself used an assassin (trickster) with a mod that increases the damage against certain status effects of the opponent. The other players use weapons and mods that completely debuff the boss.

In general, the entire setup of the team is designed to weaken all of the boss’s values. Moxsy himself then used mods that increase the damage against the status values. This combination was then sufficient that 49 million damage could be dealt at once.

So the team cleverly exploited the different ways to be effective against bosses. There is a damage dealer and the rest of the teammates just want to weaken the boss in his status values.

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