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The head of QA at CDPR has spent 175 hours at the maximum difficulty in Cyberpunk 2077 and still hasn’t completed the game



The load on Steam after the start of preloading Cyberpunk 2077 has tripled

Lukas Babel shared the time of his passage, noting that he plays at the highest difficulty and is more secretive than usual. It collects all loot and uses all available features of the game.

According to Babel, even after 175 hours, he has not finished the game yet, which indicates a large amount of content. At the same time, the head of QA noted that he does not pass the game 100%, but simply tries to see as much as possible.

CDPR has previously said that players should not worry about the amount of content in the game. The developers do not say how long it takes to complete the game, only because people will have a very different amount of time depending on the game style and other factors. Therefore, the developers do not want to give specific figures, so as not to confuse the players once again.

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