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The Medium doesn’t run at 60 FPS and 1080p even on RTX 3080 – and that’s with raytracing turned off



The Medium doesn't run at 60 FPS and 1080p even on RTX 3080 - and that's with raytracing turned off

According to the DSOG portal, The Medium turned out to be even more voracious than its high system requirements suggested.

  • On SSD 970 PRO NVMe M.2, the game runs jerky and freezes, not to mention the slower drives.
  • RTX 3080 without ray tracing, without DLSS, and at high settings, The Medium cannot keep stable 1080p 60 FPS – as soon as the mode of two worlds is turned on simultaneously, the frame rate drops sharply.
  • At 1440p, with high settings, ray tracing and DLSS, the game also does not hold 60 FPS, and disabling RTX only gives a 7-8 FPS increase but does not radically change the picture. In the first case – below 50 FPS, and in the second – drawdowns below 60.

We don’t really understand what’s going on here. What we do know for sure is that the game picture does not live up to such insane system requirements. Performance is disappointing even without ray tracing.

from DSOG material

Earlier, an analysis of the console versions of the game appeared on the network, from which it turned out that even on the Xbox Series X there can be resolutions of up to 900p – just in scenes with two realities on the screen at the same time. On consoles, The Medium runs at 30 FPS.

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