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The Next Penny’s Big Breakaway Patch on Switch Will Unlock the Framerate to 60



The Next Penny’s Big Breakaway Patch on Switch Will Unlock the Framerate to 60

Evening Star’s latest platformer game, Penny’s Big Breakaway was released in the previous month on all major platforms had a good run, and got overall very positive reviews. The game runs well on all platforms except the Nintendo Switch as it is capped on 30 FPS. However, this seems to be changing in the next upcoming patch of Penny’s Big Breakaway.

The next major patch for Penny’s Big Breakaway will be patch 1.2 which happens to be released earlier today only on PC (Steam) while the other platforms are still waiting for the patch to be approved before it goes live. However, the Creative Director and Lead Engine Architect at Evening Star confirm that in particular Switch patch, the players will be able to unlock the capped framerate to 60 or add Anti-Aliasing if stays locked at 30 FPS.

“A solid patcharoo is out on PC now, and will be on consoles pending approval! In particular Switch patch gets a video mode to unlock the framerate to 60 ala Bombrush, or adds Anti-Aliasing if you choose to stay locked.”

For the rest of the consoles, the patch would be the same as the PC one so, if you are interested in what major fixes and improvements will be the game getting, you can read them right here at this link.

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