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Diablo Addresses the Gauntlet Exploit and Plans to Remove the Exploiters from Leaderboards



Diablo Addresses the Gauntlet Exploit and Plans to Remove the Exploiters from Leaderboards

The Gauntlet’s first week starts rough for the players and Diablo as several players are using a Shrine Exploit to get into the Gauntlet without starting it. Entering the Gauntlet with this exploit allows players to kill the bearers and grab their keys, put all the monsters, and pre-pop Glory Shrine which grants them a score.

All of it is before starting the actual Gauntlet Dungeon run and from there, players complete the Gauntlet as usual boosting them with hundreds of thousands extra points to get on top of the leaderboards. The players who are playing the Gauntlet without the exploit are hardly getting a couple hundred thousand points whereas, the players with the top score on the leaderboards stand on more than 700K points which is very suspicious.

This matter was discussed heavily on Reddit and players were asking Diablo to fix it as soon as possible. Fortunately, it got the attention of Diablo’s community lead, Adam Fletcher. He addressed that the team has already a fix for this exploit and will be initiated on Week 2 of Gauntlet. While addressing this exploit, he also mentioned that the exploiters will be removed from the Leaderboards once the exploit is fixed.

You can read Adam Fletcher’s take on the Gauntlet Exploit at this link.

Furthermore, Rob with a Twitch profile named Rob2628 also showcased the exploit on his stream. However, he never uses the exploit on his own to get himself on top of the official Leaderboards.

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