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The Rocket League on the PS5 will lag behind the Xbox Series X | S in framerate performance



The Rocket League on the PS5 will lag behind the Xbox Series X | S in framerate performance

It may be five years since the Rocket League was released, but that does not mean that players have forgotten or are not dealing with it. On the contrary, since last September when the game was turned into a free-to-play title, adopting the Battle Pass model that we have seen incorporating games like Fortnite, it has experienced tremendous financial success. Specifically, shortly after its free-to-play debut, Rocket League servers were filled with more than a million – at the same time – connected players.

So, for those who want to play the game in the new generation, the news is very pleasant, as it will be upgraded for free for both PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

More specifically, the Psyonix torment, in addition to faster load times and improved split-screen over pre-rendering, will support 4K / 60fps on the Xbox Series X, 1080p / 60fps on the Xbox Series S, and 4K / 60fps (checkerboard) on the PS5. The studio also states that the Series X version will also be able to play at a resolution of 2688 × 1512 at 120fps, while the Series S resolution that can “run” will be 1344 × 756 also at 120fps. As for the PS5 version, it will not support 120fps at launch.

The game will therefore offer depending on the console the option for “Quality Mode”, which will give priority to the resolution, and “Performance Mode”, which will give priority to the framerate. Finally, the progress of the players, as well as all the cosmetics they have in their possession, will be transferred to the new consoles, as long as they have linked the game to their Epic Games account.

Rocket League is already available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X | S, while from November 19 PS5 owners will be able to enjoy it.

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