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Sony explains why the PlayStation 5 does not play at 1440p



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As it became known recently, the PlayStation 5 does not support 1440p (or 2K) resolution. Although the vast majority of gamers use 4K, Full HD, or even HD Ready TVs, this lack disappointed many gamers who intended to connect the console to a monitor they already own. The Japanese AV Watch comes through an interview to shed light on the case, after speaking with two important “heads” of the company.

In particular, Masayasu Ito and Hideaki Nishino, who come from the hardware and platform of the PlayStation, respectively, responded to this issue by saying that their main priority is televisions. As the article states, the PS5 does not currently support 1440p, as full TV support is a priority. As the two men point out, there is no technological problem, Sony is just following the market trends. If, however, there is a high demand for this support, it will clearly respond.

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