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PS5 vs PS4 Pro: one of lime and one of sand



Sony launches beta for the console that allows the installation of external cards

PS5 is an excellent machine, something we also pay for at the price, and although it has many positive aspects, there are also some negative ones.

Although the PS5 is not yet on the market, many media in the sector have been able to discover particularities of the Sony system that would allow us to look back and compare the system with the PS4 Pro.

In Nintendosmash we have discovered many secrets of the PS5 and you can read about them in our analysis, but recently Sony published a new page of common questions and answers in which we have had an unpleasant surprise. And that is that although the PS5 that has been receiving the press for analysis includes clear references to a web browser in the configuration menu, it seems that finally, it will not take it in the units that are marketed to the final public.

On this question and answer page, we can simply read that “the PS5 system does not include the dedicated web browser application”. Although using a console web browser is quite uncomfortable and is far from efficient and optimized compared to what we are used to on our computer or mobile phone, it is clear that it is a noticeable drop in efficiency for those users who have ever used it.

Luckily, it’s not all bad news, as PS5 consumes less energy than PS4 Pro, which will make our electricity bill pay off. This has been revealed by the British media, which has discovered that the PS5 uses only 1.3W when in standby mode and with all functions enabled, compared to the 5W used by the PS4 Pro in the same circumstances.

As far as the main menu is concerned, the PS5 consumes 47W while the PS4 Pro consumes 63W. If we have introduced a game that is compatible with previous versions the consumption on PS5 would be 107W while on PS4 Pro it would be 147W.

We will have to see what energy consumption is reached when testing exclusive titles of the system since theoretically with increasingly demanding games, energy consumption should increase.

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