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The first PS5 and Xbox Series X with problems appear



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As is often the case with each generation, some of the early PS5 and Xbox Series X models are already experiencing bugs that have already been reported by several users.

This is a very important week for the entire gaming industry. Companies are launching their new consoles and users are starting to receive them and play with them. After tests and revisions, now the real test for Sony and Microsoft begins.

The first days of life of a new console are always very hectic and turbulent. This time has been no different and there are already some users who are reporting failures on both PS5, and Xbox Series X on some launch units.

Forced shutdowns, games that don’t load, and even some smoke and videos showing that some of the first units have been defective, have already started to appear. Of course, these cases do not seem to be frequent, but social networks have helped expose these problems, which are already being suffered by several users around the world.

We leave you with some testimonies, such as that of the Youtuber ACG, who has tested PS5 games and a quite impressive Series X videos that show the failures of some units of both consoles, something that, we repeat, is always quite common with every generation.

Even if the consoles are already in competition, or ready as is the case with PS5, there is still much to be said. For example, Sony expects the transition from PS4 to PS5 to the last 3 years, and many games will be intergenerational.

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