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Nintendo will continue to release events and updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons



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Nintendo will continue to create new temporary events in Animal Crossing New Horizons: they expect the game to last a long time, as it is driving Switch sales.

Although the Animal Crossing saga has always aimed high, especially with the DS and 3DS handheld deliveries, Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo Switch has exceeded all expectations. In just seven months it has sold 26 million copies and has undoubtedly helped boost sales of the console.

Part of the success of the game is its duration: it is not a game with a story with a beginning and an end, but rather a life simulator in which things happen throughout the year, with temporary events and updates with new content. This means that its popularity has not declined as much, and it is still relevant.

This timelessness is one of the factors that Nintendo wants to promote. At the conference, when presenting the financial results, the company’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, said that they hope to continue implementing events, with the aim of making a game that players can enjoy for a long time.

It has also confirmed that although the pace of sales has slowed with respect to the launch, it remains one of its most popular titles. In addition, it is being one of the main drivers of Nintendo Switch sales in Asian markets (outside Japan), relatively smaller than Europe or America, but which are growing thanks to titles such as this or Ring Fit Adventure.

Animal Crossing was launched in March, and its first events were related to spring, such as the Easter egg hunt. In summer and now autumn there have been updates with new features (an update with Christmas content is expected to be launched in November). The question is, will they continue to create new events and content once the game turns one year old, and the calendar goes back to the beginning?

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