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The strange Call of Duty Warzone bug that allows you to collect unlimited weapons



Annual revenue from sales of the Call of Duty franchise exceeded a record $3 billion

Carrying dozens of equipped weapons in Call of Duty Warzone is now possible thanks to a newly discovered exploit. Do not miss how you can perform this trick that will give you a lot of advantage in the games.

There are not a few errors reported during the last weeks within Call of Duty Warzone. The battle royale has a complex structure and the thousands and thousands of players who roam Verdanks often encounter bugs and errors on a regular basis.

However, even though we may think we’ve seen it all in Call of Duty Warzone, there are always new ways to surprise us. A recent exploit found by a YouTuber allows you to equip yourself with unlimited weapons during games.

With this bug, apparently any player can bypass the restriction of two weapons if he performs a procedure that, although it is somewhat complicated, can get as many weapons to be equipped as desired. That if it is an excess of means.

To perform this trick, you need a turret, which you can get in exchange for the dollars you earn in the game. Once you have this killstreak you should place it near a weapon that is on the ground. You must try to mount yourself in the turret and at the same time get hold of the weapon. The procedure must be very fast.

To illustrate the case, YouTuber Bubs has published a video showing how this little trick works that could radically alter your victory conditions. Carrying over a hundred weapons can be decisive in games.

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